How to know she is the one

WordPress has this tool where you can check out the stats for the site and you can check out how people actually end up getting to your site.  Well apparently a lot of people want to know a very important question.

How to know she’s the one

I have exhausted this topic about how I found out she was the one i’m sure.  But in case you can’t remember,  here’s my post about it.

The day I knew she was the one

Well it’s kind of refreshing to know that people out there are feeling like little bees in a sugar bag.  They are all filled with glee and have no clue of the mess they are in for.  They obviously are experimenting with the fact that they might be…done.  Well,  I am here to tell all you guys out there that you have been done.  You’ve been done since you decided to open your computer and Google if you have found the one.

Don’t worry….I did the same thing a year ago.

One Response to How to know she is the one

  1. fizzgigabyte says:

    you get sweet searches. I get things like dial a hoe. lol

    i get that question on cha cha a lot. how to know he/she is the one. Its fun to come up with different answers!

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