Sacrifice your face!

November 30, 2010

Its been a week. With Thanksgiving Break, and final exams, I haven’t had much time to think about much else but those things. Me and L are still adventuring though. In fact, we bought our TV! Yup!  We bought a 42 inch plasma! We don’t have the HD box yet…or our DVR, but trust me….its in the mail!

On Saturday L got bored While I was doing homework and watching football (trust me it is possible to effectively do both! I did it all through college). So I walked myself into an awkward agreement.

Are you bored,” I asked.  She nodded.  I said, “why don’t you find something to do.”  Obviously I don’t understand boredom…there are a million things to do all the time in my eyes. Then as I was beginning to think that I am going to lose my remote control privileges, she says.

Can I give you a facial?

This is an easy question to answer alternative to me having to watch real housewives and food network for the rest of the night, but I needed to get some more information before I subjected myself to this punishment.

Do I have to move?
Nope!“.  I’d heard all I needed to hear.

L proceeded to run around the house like a 12 year old for the next 20 minutes. Yes I looked like a fool but I bought myself at least another hour of quality college football simply by accepting a facial.

Love is sacrifice.


What’s the Key (West) to happiness??

November 23, 2010

Well, we are rethinking the honeymoon plans. They may be revamped, we wanted to go costa rica, but my internal accountant threatened to quit and asked me I like salt and pepper sandwhiches because that’s what id be eating for months afterwards.

So the plans are being reevaluated. Hopefully we will plenty of chances to get away (I’m sure every newlywed says this, the they see two lines on the EPT and everything changes).  Yeah I’m not happy about it, but I am beginning to notice me and L both have ridiculously expensive tastes.

The good part? We taled about our finances the other day. And in particular, our financial futures! To put it honestly, its looking good. As long as my job keeps paying me 🙂 

So, our requirements have changed for our honeymoon destinnation.  I think we now may be looking at romantic cruises and warm weather destinations.   Anywhere I can where my bikini 🙂 just messing around!

Hmm….Key West is nice I hear! Maybe I can rent a BMW 7 series and drive around like I’m a baller (translation: someone who is high status and makes a lot of money without very much effort).

Is it just me?

November 21, 2010

iPods and mp3 players and phones are the new discman/tape players and we have all had one or the other (cept for my mom probably…I’m sure she never has even put on headphones).

But tell me, am I the only one that seriously gets scared that I might actually forget I am in public and start singing lyrics to my favorite songs when they come on??

Or is it just me?

Hey Dad

November 20, 2010

I was 24 and as prepared as I was going to be. I’d played this moment out in my head nearly a hundred times. “He’ll be ok. I’ll be ok.” I talked myself into believing that it was normal and that he had lived a full life.  He watched me graduate college a year earlier. He had watched his kids play football and taught and coached us up on the game.  He had given us the joy and appreciation of music. He taught me how to fish. He taught me what hard work was and how to laugh your way through it. He taught me about about “common sense”. He was the best dad anyone could have asked for.

Then I got the call from Trey and everything changed.  All the things he won’t get to experience flooded my mind. My kids, my wedding, my wife. When I graduated he threw me a huge wad of cash and said “congrats, but you got another gradution to go“.  We never really talked about going to grad school but at that moment, I decided I was going and I promised him I would.  Now he won’t get to see me graduate.  He won’t get to tell my kids all of the stories I was too young to remember.  I’ve had a nickname since I was a baby that nobody has ever called me. Many people don’t even know. My dad hardly ever called me by my name.  He always called me Moon.  I know its hard for others to understand, but for me its the one of the most joyous memories I have.

If I close my eyes, I can see him in the hospital, sick, dying and unable to comprehend his reality. He’s having flashbacks in his dreams of Vietnam and he’s cussing and fighting in his sleep. I’m terrified, as I stand and watch for 15 minutes and hold back the tears. Then I suddenly open my mouth and creak out a deep scared voice. “Dad its me“.  His glazed over eyes peel open and he stares at the far wall.  He’s already gone, I’m thinking.  He looks around slowly, confused and disoriented. Then the glassy sliver of his brown eyes hit mine.

Moon,” he mumbles and reaches out his hand.  His eyes fold back underneath their lids and his grey beard can’t hide his slight smile.  I’m not sure what he was trying to mumble after that but I had heard all I needed to hear.

For two months after he passed away, 4 years ago today, I was numb.  I went throuugh the motions as robotically as one could imagine. I didn’t want to think, I didn’t want to cry, I just wanted to be ok.  Then one night…I talked to him.  I talked to him like I never had when he was alive.  I told him him why I was sad and why I was mad.  What I had learned and what I still didn’t understand. Then I stood up, and something was different.

I stopped asking questions and started thinking.  My dad always taught me to think about what I do and why things happen and how I can influence my situations.  To call him analytical and pensive is to put it lightly.  I soon came to realize, I was not very much different.

When I was forced to think about the memories because that’s all I had left of him, I started to see so much more.  The never ending classroom that was the world he raised me in.  All of his hobbies are my hobbies now.  All of the boring four hour talks that occured after my teachers called home, now sprang to life and housed lessons I never saw before. Many of the words he thought were falling upon deaf uninterested ears are now ringing clearer than he’d ever intended.

We tell each other we miss you often but why? We can always see each other. We can hug each other. We can hear each others laughter. We can tell each other we love you. It would seem that I would miss my dad but that’s really not the case. That night I stood up, I realized something. My dad is missing nothing. He is experiencing everything I am and he is smiling as hard as he did the day I was born. He is proud and he is excited.

His Moon is shining.

Happy Birthday L!!

November 20, 2010

Today is L’s happy birthday!

I just want to say that I love you and you are special to me and to many.  You make me want to be a better man everyday, and you make me want to do whatever it takes to make you smile.  I promise to be your biggest fan, your favorite comedian, your kindest critic, your luckiest star, and your sturdiest support beam.

You’re the reason I wake up, and my excuse for staying up late.  You’re the only smile I dream about.

I don’t have anymore corny lines but I want to tell you that I love you again and for your birthday present….I am getting you something…super cool and awesome.

Happy Birthday!!

You guys thought I was kidding!

November 19, 2010

shhh…she doesn’t know I’m posting this.  I just got home from work, and I look at the computer and see……4 shopping windows open!!  Gotta run!

4 shopping windows open!

Marriage is an experiment, we are the scientists

November 18, 2010

Me and my brother were talking  the other day and he simply said, “Love and marriage is a never ending experiment and we are the scientists“.

That may not mean too much to you guys, but to mean that sums it up perfectly!  I mean, we really don’t know what will come of anything we do in any relationship.  That’s part of the excitement though.  Scientists don’t become scientists unless they love the excitement of unveiling the unexpected.  I mean, there are some things that have already been tested by other fools scientists, like cheating and infidelity.  I know what will happen.  I will lose half  of everything I ever earned, and everything I ever wanted (L).  I dare not test that theory.

I don’t know however, what would happen if I came home with a puppy for instance.  Would L think “OMG, he loves me enough to buy me a puppy and the puppy will become part of our family and we will love him forever and ever.”  That is very possible, but not very probable…YET!  She grew up with puppys so I don’t know. She very well could…….I’m suddenly realizing how terribly awful this example is.

The real point is this.  We will face adversity in nearly every part of our lives.  We aren’t going to know the answers.  We aren’t going to know reasons why.  But we know, we are committed to this thing called love and this lifelong experiment of marriage.  We are going to find ways to make it work, because that’s our goal and our passion.

With me and L’s situation, we both love to shop!  Well…she loves to shop as is evident by her looking at online shopping websites….EVERY DAY(just kiddin’ babe, I know you rest on Sundays).  But, we don’t really make a lot of money.  I mean we make enough to live in swanky super cool Ballston, but not enough to live in Ballston AND online shop daily.  I know what we have to do, I know that more money needs to be made because we have plans, and dreams, and things that we want to do!  Personally, I want 42 kids.  I don’t know how much 42 kids will cost us, but I know I was probably pretty dang expensive (right mom?).

So, I need to get things brewing in my mental lab and figure out how exactly I’m going to make money so L and I can buy a home in The Hamptons with 44 rooms (one for us, and another one for my man cave)!  Let me know if you guys have any ideas.