L the builder

Last week L purchased a book case for the apartment (awesome).  Like three of them it’s a desk bookcase combo.  It’s…I don’t really know what it is because I didn’t really aid in the purchase at all.  I just wheeled it up from the front desk.

Then, Thursday I come home and look forward to relaxing (since I was off on friday) and in walks L with the toolkit.  Oh boy! Then just as I’m about to say “I’ll help you as soon as I am finished with this game.”  Obviously, I was playing XBox.  But before I could even say anything she says “Don’t worry, I’ll put it together myself!

Excitedly she rips the box open and starts laying out the hundreds of pieces from the bookcase out on the floor.  A mess is slowly ensuing.  I try not to look.

Two hours later (and about 4 games of NHL on XBox for me), we have this masterpiece!

I have just been told that it is called a ladder bookcase.  I don’t know who is supposed to climb this rickety ladder, but I know I would never climb it.

Anyways,  she put that together all by herself.  I didn’t want need to help!  I pretty much didn’t do anything this weekend regarding the apartment in all honesty!  On Saturday she woke up and ran some errands.  She came back and out came the toolkit once again!  An hour later we had pictures hanging on the wall, wine racks, and a time machine!  Just kidding, but as much banging and what not that was going on, you’d think we had a new addition to the apartment!

She got a little too happy.  We don’t have an extensive wine collection, so she put….an empty bottle in the wine rack.  Awesome.


One Response to L the builder

  1. fizzgig says:

    oooh shes a way better woman than me. I despise building things. Its my sexist view, that its mens work to build things. I get ticked off when i date a guy that doesnt LIKE to put things together, “just because I’m a man”

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