Last week we had a talk.  I brought it up. L has this thing where she likes to roll her socks off of her foot by rubbing it on the floor…its totally odd looking. But then she leaves the rolled up sock there….in the middle of the floor. 

Last week, I asked (very carefully) if she could not leave them in the floor.  I didn’t say anything about them being rolled up. I know they don’t wash well when they are rolled up be because I played sports and when I would wash my rolled up socks they still has dirt in them…but… her socks, her dirt.

So she agreed and promised to pick them up.  It has been beautiful not seeing hot pink socks in the living room! Until today!

“What is this?!” She asks.  I look up to see her holding a large Nike sock.  Uh  oh! “I have been so good picking up MY socks and here you go leaving yours in the couch cushions!”

“I’m sorry.” I said as I tote those pair…along with two other pairs that were strategically placed in the living room, to the hamper.

Pick your battles wisely men.


One Response to Dagger…

  1. Fizzgig says:

    ah, yes. the picking up your crap issue. I actually had an entire counseling session dedicated to this, where I learned the most life changing thing.

    If it bothers you..pick it up. You cant expect what is important to you, to be important to others. If you dont want to pick it up and not complain about doing so, then leave it go and dont complain.

    Mine was wet bathroom towels. He never hung them up!!! Once I changed the way I looked at it, ive been way happier.

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