Lately me and L have shown each other why we will work forever.  Recently we both had some stressful weeks and we let the small things get in between us. Then one day I just decided to have a talk.

Without going into details we pretty much told each other what drives us crazy about the our lives and about the other one. For example, she told me that she hates it when I come home on Friday and have a cocktail (smile) or two while she can’t because she has to weigh in on Saturday morning.

At first I wanted to resist, but then I stopped being selfish for a half-split-second and realize that I need to suck it up and support her. L has been doing so well with her goals an I should be able to sacrifice and take one for the team. So Friday that’s what I did.  I swallowed my pride instead of a cocktail.  It was a great move. We had a great night of shopping and spending money. Every girls dream!

Don’t dare think for a second that I was the only one making sacrifices! L hates  washing dishes with a passion! I guess she thinks there are people that live to wash dishes or something. Like a real life jetsons maid.  Well I hate them too but apparently not as much as she does. So I agree with a great plan that she came up with last night.  She said that whoever cooks dinner doesn’t have to wash dishes. I mean I guess that works right? I see a ton of fast food nights in our future.

Well the point is that me and L take a lot of pride in our willingness to tell the other exactly what is on our mind. We try very hard to be honest and to save the phony talk for he rest of our lives like work and dealing win verizon customer support.  The fact that we could tell each other what was really on our minds then come to a compromise or at least accept the sacrifice in my case.

That’s how I know we will make it! Forever!


One Response to Communicate

  1. fizzgig says:

    this reminded me of the break up…”i want you to WANT to do the dishes!” “Why would anyone WANT to do the dishes?” lol

    But so very true…its like people w/pets who wont pick up poop, like i enjoy doing it? Who loves poop?

    or guys that dont change diapers? please, that isnt pleasant for anyone!

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