P as in Prada

I was in a users office the other day and a woman was on the phone next door trying to give some information or something but the connection was bad.  So, she was doing the whole “as in” thing for the alphabet like the military does with their code words.  Alpha bravo charlie….so and so.

F as in fur. U as in…up. R as in ray…like a ray of sunshine” I started shaking my head. Granted this isn’t an easy thing to do.  I had a job where I once was answering phones and distributing passwords. I remember saying one time, “X as in ….Xenon….like the element“.  Xenon???? Why not xylophone, or X-ray, or …well that’s it. But Xenon???

Last week L was on the phone giving her email address to the internet people and I was astonished. “P as in Pop, E as in ear, Q as in Q tip, T as in Toast”.

Well 3 out of 4 of those were highly confusing! To be completely fair…I can’t remember exactly what she said but I know it wasn’t far off from what I put. Maybe it was “E for excellent.”

Don’t point and laugh!  The next time you have to say out something in this manner, think about the ridiculous words you come up with.  Here’s another example of mine one time on the phones…

G as in gargoyle.” Everyone in the office looks at me…I shake my head in embarrassment.
lower case M as in …monkey“.  I suddenly realize I sound like a kindergartner.


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