Freedom has a new meaning! Boredom

It used to be the case that I could do whatever I wanted during football season. Now? No chance! I can do about 10 percent of what I want. I mean that’s Ok with me because that’s what I signed up for you know? My schedule became our schedule.  maybe not 10 percent…but you know..

Well I really realized this point b this past weekend when L went away to FL to visit her brother and sister in law and their two amazingly cute kids.  So last weekend I get home from work on Friday and go home and change….I suddenly realize that I have nowhere to go! Nothing to do! Nothing to eat!! I don’t panic, I get my gift card and my new PNC credit card and go to the mall…..across the street from my house. Exciting I know.

I go to Macy’s which used to be one of my favorite stores until the registry incident. I walk around.

Nice shirts. I need some new shirts…ill get L to come with me to help pick them out. Ooh…jackets!  I have this thing for jackets and hoodies that’s kinda sick. I have about 20 of them and I alwys need more! Well apparently not today. I keep walking.  Into FYE, the music and electronics store. Check out some earphones…a couple CDs…a few TShirts. I consider getting a “Team Snookie” and “Justin Bieber” Tshirt.  I smartly decide against it.  There’s no explaining that to L.

I go home and end up going out in Arlington with a buddy who was in town. Fun times, but, really not my scene anymore!  Saturday I wake up at 8….am. I got home after 2am. I did homework for 2 hours then got dressed and went over to Kettler Iceplex to watch my capitals practice for the upcoming season. (Matthieu Perrault will be the next Brian Gionta btw. So quick! Marcus Johannsson is Ovies speed and puckhandling mixed with a 13 year old tweener.  He is good! But mega awkward and out of control at times.)

Then I watch football all day bored and do homework. I call verizon and argue with them for two hours then ge bored and decide to get some wings for the night games. On my way, I decide to go see a buddy I haven’t seen it years. I spend the night over there. I go home bored Sunday morning. Do more work and watch football…alone (awww).

Basically the point of this is that….now? I have gotten so used to L being around on the weekends that I have trouble remembering what freedom feels like. When she’s gone….a part of me is missing…


4 Responses to Freedom has a new meaning! Boredom

  1. fizzgig says:

    thats a good thing! youre good enough friends to miss her company!!!

  2. sdad says:

    L is better than football…on any day! And if she’s watching football with you, she makes football better…on any day!

  3. Mr. Yes says:

    The truth has been spoken!

    L is the embodiment of warm sunshine and a cool breeze!

  4. L says:

    Aww thanks Sdad and Mr. Yes! That makes my horrible day BETTER! I love you guys!!

    Fizzgig, you’re 100% right! A good relationship has a strong stable friendship as its base.

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