New job, old G

October 28, 2010

A couple weeks ago I applied for and received a job promotion. I have been at my job for about three years and have moved up pretty quickly considering I have a degree in a completely different field. 

I think my attitude is a huge reason why I am in the spot that I am in and why I have been given the opportunities that I have been given.  Managers always look for different things in an individual candidate.  I have never hired anyone so I am really just talking out of my behind, but still.  You should listen to me!

My new position starts on Monday and I am pretty nervous. I think that i have a lot to live up to.  I think that I know what I want to do in my future and this is a great step to get there.  I also know that this position is a great chance for me to fail and for me to fall short.  I don’t want to fall short of course.  I want to shine!

One thing I have realized in my past though is that there will be days when you fall short.  How am I going to handle those days? I don’t know.  To say that I am nervous and slightly overwhelmed is an understatement.  The main reason I am writing this post is really for self motivation! People are all motivated by different things. My motivation is the will to not fail in any task.  Most people want to be great and that is their motivation and if they don’t see themselves in a “great” position, they consider themselves failures.  I think that is a perfect storm for frustration and dissappointment.

I have always been motivated by my fear of not meeting expectations. With this thinking, I end up aiming higher than just meeting expctations, but in the end if I fall short of where I aim, I still end up in a good position. I just never want to fail.

Basically…I made it sound like i aim to be mediocre which isn’t the case at all.  But I am babbling so my original thoughts and messages are floating off like a toddlers balloon at six flags. 

Basically…new position monday, scary times. By I am ready for it.  And I will not fail! Goodnight.


Cupcakes make things better

October 26, 2010

I wasn’t feeling great last night.  I actually went to bed with a lot on my mind hoping it would go away.  It didn’t.

Then I woke up and looked over and L.  Sleeping.  Things started looking a little better.

Then she told me that she wants to help me and wants me to talk to her.  I am not good at this, but I need to try to be better. This made me feel great.

Then I stole a cupcake from the counter and took it to work for breakfast.

We got it from Georgetown Cupcake on Sunday.  wow.  All I can say is, they have a line for a reason.  Believe the hype!

L the builder

October 24, 2010

Last week L purchased a book case for the apartment (awesome).  Like three of them it’s a desk bookcase combo.  It’s…I don’t really know what it is because I didn’t really aid in the purchase at all.  I just wheeled it up from the front desk.

Then, Thursday I come home and look forward to relaxing (since I was off on friday) and in walks L with the toolkit.  Oh boy! Then just as I’m about to say “I’ll help you as soon as I am finished with this game.”  Obviously, I was playing XBox.  But before I could even say anything she says “Don’t worry, I’ll put it together myself!

Excitedly she rips the box open and starts laying out the hundreds of pieces from the bookcase out on the floor.  A mess is slowly ensuing.  I try not to look.

Two hours later (and about 4 games of NHL on XBox for me), we have this masterpiece!

I have just been told that it is called a ladder bookcase.  I don’t know who is supposed to climb this rickety ladder, but I know I would never climb it.

Anyways,  she put that together all by herself.  I didn’t want need to help!  I pretty much didn’t do anything this weekend regarding the apartment in all honesty!  On Saturday she woke up and ran some errands.  She came back and out came the toolkit once again!  An hour later we had pictures hanging on the wall, wine racks, and a time machine!  Just kidding, but as much banging and what not that was going on, you’d think we had a new addition to the apartment!

She got a little too happy.  We don’t have an extensive wine collection, so she put….an empty bottle in the wine rack.  Awesome.


October 20, 2010

Last week we had a talk.  I brought it up. L has this thing where she likes to roll her socks off of her foot by rubbing it on the floor…its totally odd looking. But then she leaves the rolled up sock there….in the middle of the floor. 

Last week, I asked (very carefully) if she could not leave them in the floor.  I didn’t say anything about them being rolled up. I know they don’t wash well when they are rolled up be because I played sports and when I would wash my rolled up socks they still has dirt in them…but… her socks, her dirt.

So she agreed and promised to pick them up.  It has been beautiful not seeing hot pink socks in the living room! Until today!

“What is this?!” She asks.  I look up to see her holding a large Nike sock.  Uh  oh! “I have been so good picking up MY socks and here you go leaving yours in the couch cushions!”

“I’m sorry.” I said as I tote those pair…along with two other pairs that were strategically placed in the living room, to the hamper.

Pick your battles wisely men.


October 19, 2010

Lately me and L have shown each other why we will work forever.  Recently we both had some stressful weeks and we let the small things get in between us. Then one day I just decided to have a talk.

Without going into details we pretty much told each other what drives us crazy about the our lives and about the other one. For example, she told me that she hates it when I come home on Friday and have a cocktail (smile) or two while she can’t because she has to weigh in on Saturday morning.

At first I wanted to resist, but then I stopped being selfish for a half-split-second and realize that I need to suck it up and support her. L has been doing so well with her goals an I should be able to sacrifice and take one for the team. So Friday that’s what I did.  I swallowed my pride instead of a cocktail.  It was a great move. We had a great night of shopping and spending money. Every girls dream!

Don’t dare think for a second that I was the only one making sacrifices! L hates  washing dishes with a passion! I guess she thinks there are people that live to wash dishes or something. Like a real life jetsons maid.  Well I hate them too but apparently not as much as she does. So I agree with a great plan that she came up with last night.  She said that whoever cooks dinner doesn’t have to wash dishes. I mean I guess that works right? I see a ton of fast food nights in our future.

Well the point is that me and L take a lot of pride in our willingness to tell the other exactly what is on our mind. We try very hard to be honest and to save the phony talk for he rest of our lives like work and dealing win verizon customer support.  The fact that we could tell each other what was really on our minds then come to a compromise or at least accept the sacrifice in my case.

That’s how I know we will make it! Forever!

Boys are easier

October 14, 2010

When I was off from work on Monday, I was watching fox news (withold all political comments please) and they had a segment saying that moms are harder on their daughters than thy are on their sons.  This got me thinking about my future.  With L, her and her mom are really close.  My mom only had two boys and I think she is very thankful being that she was the oldest of 4 girls and a brother.

I don’t even know what its like to witness a teenage girl throwing a temper tantrum or getting disciplined at. I know a lot of things, but I don’t know how I would nicely tell my daughter to stop acting like a spoiler little…..brat.  I’m guesing it would involve a lot of “go talk to your mother, you’re just as unreasonable…maybe you guys can reason with each other” or possibly “look at yourself, you’re crying and stomping around like a 7 year old.  No wonder you can’t get a boyfriend.” Too harsh?

See boys are easy, take away something if they get out of control, keep them in the house if they really act up, punch him in the chest if he disrespects his mom or sisters, aim a little higher if he disrespects me. Then take him fishing or to a football game and tell his that you don’t like disciplining him but you love him and don’t want him going through life thinking its ok to be a pain in the rear!

This whole thing with moms being harder on their daughters means I’m going to have to play the good cop…yet still obey the captain (L). 

This puts me in an extraordinarily precarious position. I have to keep my daughter from rebelling and becoming a street walker just to spite her mom, yet still spoil her and show her all the things she deserves and should look for in a future relationship … but first. I have to find a nice way to get her to stop stomping around and crying like a 7 year old when her mom punishes her. I am afraid.

Bucket list

October 13, 2010

This movie came out a few years ago about two older guys nearing the end of their lives and them completing something called a bcket list. They decided to do a bunch of crazy things before they died.

Well I’m young (I still feel young at least) and I want a bucket list.  Is it too late to create a bucket list? I think not so check mine out. I think everyone should have something like it at least. Now, first off…you can’t put something on your list that you won’t ever do, just to look cool.  Like, I don’t want to run a triathlon because I’m frankly not that good of a runner or swimmer and I know id never work hard enough to actually prepare for it. And I am definitely not going jump off of, out of, or into anything!  I get nervous just thinking about falling off the bed!

With that, here’s my start of a bucket list:
– Own a luxury car (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes)
– Adopt a puppy
– Coach a championship game of some sort
– Dunk a basketball again (Maybe just a real nice layup)
– Get front row seats to a sporting event
– Have something that I write be published somewhere
– Learn to ride a motorcycle
– snowboard in Colorado

Actually as I’m writing this list, I realize I’m really not that ambitious at all. I’m actually pretty low key and…normal.  I just want to have a good job, marry a good woman, have good laughs, eat good food, and raise good kids.  Yeah….that would equal a great life.