Anything she wants…she gets

L met my extended family this weekend.  This can be a stressful situation for anyone as I’m sure you all can realized who has gone through it.

The grandkids are mostly boys. But I have three aunts and a mother that protect us boys with everything they have in them.   One of my aunts came up to me and told me to take care of L and that “whatever she wants in life, get it for her.” 

I of course promised that I would do this and on my way home that night, I realized I already have started.  I gave her my car and agreed to move closer to her job and take the BMW (bus, metro, walk) to work.

Maybe thats all I have really done but still….the relationship is still young.  We will make it work, it will be awesome.  You will watch it happen.  You will be amazed.

Oh yeah, on the topic of stuff I already knew. L says I have a beautiful family.  I guess she thought this handsomeness was a fluke or something 🙂


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