I’m dating the starting quarterback!!

OK.  I have written about a lot of irrelevant, selfish topics that have yet to arrive at my apartment (Trivia: how wide is a dream? 50 inches) . Therefore, I decided to write about something related to relationships.

I have been in quite a few in the past (my roommates referred to them collectively as G’s Girls). Most were bad but some of them were great (at the time). Only one is going to end up in marriage.  Why is that?  Well, I will give you some reasons why a few of them failed.  Luckily, none of them will be reading this. This might be TMI, but we are all friends here right?!

– Ex GF-A once argued with me for 15 minutes about whether a certain Maryland Basketball player was starting that day or not.  15 minutes later (when the game began) he was starting. I won. Instead of admitting defeat, she muted MY TV and watched Blue Crush at full volume. I hate that movie to this day.

– Ex GF-B told me she kissed my best friend.  I forgave them both.
– Ex GF-B hung up on me. I threw my phone against the wall and scared my roommates half to death.  I walked to her dorm and she kicked me out. I cried (I was 19).
– Ex GF-A did drugs…a lot…(I did not partake)
– Ex GF-C yelled at me when she asked me to work out with her at the gym.
– Ex GF-D was reading my email one day. I asked what she was doing and she replied “reading your email” …………….this really happened.
– Ex GF-C hacked into my myspace account. Then denied it.
– Ex GF-C called me at work to yell at me about the previous point.  Again she thought she did nothing wrong by hacking into my account
– Ex GF-E called me to tell me her ex bf was downstairs at her house and they just kissed. We hung up and she called later to tell me that after we hung up, they did “other things”……again this really happened.
– Ex UnofficalGF – met her husband on a family vacation a week after we left school.  They have three beautiful kids (a happy story!)
– Ex GF-C had a dog. It peed on my TV a hundred times. Maybe more. She thought it was funny.
-Ex GF-E had a younger sister that was more awesome and cuter than her.  Not her fault,but….I dunno, a worthy point.
– Ex GF-E was ashamed to have me as her BF I’m pretty sure. This makes the previous point even more worthy of mentioning
– Ex GF-D made me dinner once from some recipe she saw on tv I think…it was borderline inedible. Banana pudding she made was awesome though.
– Ex GF-D hated when I hung out with my friends.  She tried to stop me from hanging out with my friends.  This made me want to hang out with them even more.

I think that’s enough to talk about  my awful past 🙂  The moral of the post is that, I found someone who I know would never do those things and deep down inside, while these things were happening, I knew they were reasons i should not to be with them.  I couldn’t convince myself of this though.  It’s like being the coach of a good team and having a star QB who is a cocky, egomaniac who goes in the huddle and changes the play so that he can show his athletic prowess once again.  What do you do?  not play them and go with the team player backup QB without the athletic prowess?  Face getting fired, getting booed or even worse, turning your team into a great team.  In the end, you realize that even though you won 8 games, you lost 3 because you didn’t want to play the best player for the team. Play the best QB for the team!

– Current GF/Fiancee/Future wife does none of these things my ex’s did.  This is why she is (dunh dunh dunh!) My starting quarterback!


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