Hikin’ Part Deaux

What do you wanna do today
I don’t care“, as I look at the clock.  11am.  That give me at least 5 hours before the football game at 4pm.
Wanna go to Great Falls and go hiking
I thought no way, then I paused….remembered out last hiking trip (no pun intended), and said,
Yeah, sure!

First off, we all remember the first hiking adventure right?  It was fantastically amusing.  So we pack the car and head down Old Georgetown Rd. in Va. We turn onto some other road and hit traffic.  Fun.  Apparently, Labor day hiking and picnicking at Great Falls is one of the busiest days of the year.

After 20 minutes of sitting on a two lane road to get in, the gate park ranger guy screams out “GO TERPS!” Oh yeah!!  We park and take a peak at the map.  We decided to go down Potowmack trail or something and then hop on River Trail so we can be closer to the river.

We come to the first sign and L looks at me and says, “which way?“….two minutes ago we had just decided on Potowmack Trail.    I just point to the sign and say “this way“.   We decide to detour and check out the overlook before we really get on the trail.  On the way down, there’s a sign that says “7 people die of drownings every year“.  Good to know.

We look over the edge and there is a guy in the water pulling his wife (or very serious girlfriend I hope) in waist high rapids UP the river while she sits in the kayak.  Another two guys are down on the rocks walking around in their backpacks.  I turn to L and say, “Well we found our 7 drownings for the year!  My one goal in life is to not be a death statistic.”  My goal in life is to NOT become a death statistic.  Especially not in a public place.

We turn and go back to the trail that we just turned off of and L goes, “Which way?”  … again….Potowmack Trail…I point at the sign … again and go “this way“.  Right about now I’m thinking to myself is she just joking with me?

We start walking down a trail and finally come across some big rocks on the trail!  This is what hiking is all about!  Not to L, she finds every flat piece of dirt in between the rocks to walk on.  I suddenly realize that, I am hiking…she is walking.

“Granted she does have a broken foot but she is doing well for her so far.  We hit a rough patch where we actually had to climb rocks and here I was all go!  “Wait, can we take a break?A BREAK!!! We are in the middle of the best part of the walk hike!

Long story, short!  We hiked 3.5 miles on a beautiful day and at the end we both agreed that we had a blast!  We will definitely be going again…maybe this weekend (HINT)!  If only I could get her up before 9am on the weekends we could make a morning out of it!

Sidenote:  We both were waiting for someone to trip.  It never happened…we both stayed on our feet the whole time!  at one point, we came across some high grass and she started walking briskly, but there was no way she was going to run again! 🙂


One Response to Hikin’ Part Deaux

  1. Mrs.Yes says:

    Correction: There were plenty of root kickings occurring from G! I however DID NOT trip. It was his turn tripping and he owned it that day.

    Round 3 Great Falls this weekend! WAHOO

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