First day!

Remember how excited you were on that first day of school?  You had your new clothes, and your super cool backpack.  your lunchbox, and your favorite lunch (whatever mom wanted you to have).  Well, apparently that excitement is only there as a kid.

Today is my first day of fall semester for grad school and L’s first teaching day.  Neither of us are excited about it.  I don’t have my books yet (as always!), and L is nervous about it as if its her first day of teaching.  She has been doing this for 4 or 5 years but she still gets really worked up.

I feel really bad because I try to calm her down but then I get frustrated because she gets really worked up about things that I think are not worth getting so about.  I mean, I can admit that I don’t like being ill prepared either for things, but at the same time, I know that I will never do a bad job no matter what the situation.  I am not very prepared for this semester as of right now, but I know I will do well. I mean, I don’t have much of a choice I don’t think.

I just priced out my books….200 dollars!!!  Easily the worst part of this whole advance your life experience.

Well,  Terps won! And I am off Friday, so things are looking up…I’m just worried about L.  I hope today goes well for her!


2 Responses to First day!

  1. Trey says:

    Brother! One thing that you will realize, if you haven’t already, is that you cannot go through anyone else’s pain for them…not children, not wife, not parents, not friends, not strangers…not anyone. However, you can support the heck out them and keep arms stretched out ready to break their fall…should that even happen.

    But here’s the sports analogy…sometimes (if not all the time), we have to let our players experience the pregame jitters and the throwing up before the first play, then they’ll be ok. It’s after that first hit or the first basket or that first swing and a miss or hit and then you’re fine and IN THE GAME!

    And in other times, it takes other people that you love and trust to let you know that, I know how you feel and you’re doing just fine! You two are doing just fine….get in attack mode!

    One love!

  2. Mr Yes says:

    Very well said as always Trey!

    Some of the best athletes i’ve seen where the ones who couldn’t eat before games, couldn’t sit down before games, barely left the bathroom before games. But during the game, they’re the ones that excel each and every time!

    Good stuff.

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