Three whole good days!

I think L and I have been so stressed from the month of August, that we forgot kinda, what made us so special. She has a beautiful passion for teaching.  A passion that sometimes drives her emotions and frustrations through the roof.  It’s completely understandable, and it’s actually a quality that I don’t think is that bad to have in any career as long as you can channel it for good!

She started back to school on Monday, and we came home and talked about a lot of different things that had been on both of our minds.  We talked, we listened, we collaborated.  We talked about her school, and her job, and our happiness.

It was very cool!!  We actually talked about how to alleviate some of her stress and how to improve us as a couple.  We are obviously great as a couple (I’m super romantic!) but we have to make sure to keep the valleys shallow and the peaks high!

The past three days have been very good and reinvigorating!  I can’t wait for this football laiden weekend!!!!

Go Terps!


One Response to Three whole good days!

  1. Trey says:

    And once again, you two exemplify what makes you so dag-on special, as well as the secret to relationship and marriage…COMMUNICATION! But not only do you communicate, you execute what you communicate and that’s the secret to FOREVER…which is the intent of marriage and God’s plan for it! And L, channel that passion and always use your powers for good! Your kids, your colleagues, your profession needs those powers. Remember, we had part of this discussion over crabs and shrimp! Love y’all and keep shining!

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