Things men really love: Cover 2 defense

I’m going to start a new segment called “Things mean REALLY love” where I give you ladies some insight into …man things! First up?  The Cover 2 defense (SMILES)

Sorry ladies but if we have to look at color swatches, pansies (the flower), wedding books and mags, go to bridal conferences, and Google  french cuisine, then it is only fair that you read a quick post about something we love!  Football! and the cover 2 defense!

Now I have described this to L plenty of times, and I think she gets it!  THIS….makes me proud.

A Cover 2 defense doesn’t lie.  It’s one of those defenses that defenders love to play because it’s easy. It’s also one that offensive coordinators and coaches love to see because,  well it’s easy to beat.

Playing a Cover 2 is like getting a spray tan.  It can leave you blotchy and embarrassed, or it can make you look like a supermodel.  But it’s a very fine line!

Quarterbacks love  the cover 2 defense because the middle (of the field) is always open!  🙂

Safeties love it because its a highlight reel waiting to happen. Unfortunately, this is why some offenses love it as well.

In the diagram on the left, you can see that there are two safeties.  SS – Strong safety and FS – Free safety. In this defense they both have the same responsibilities so don’t get all hung up on the strong and free (they’re both expensive and they both lift lots of weights ladies)

If you notice in the diagram to the right, the weak parts of this defense are shown in forest green.  notice now how the middle is open? (hehe). Don’t worry about the words, it just says “hole”, as in the hole is where the dark spots are (I’m sorry, it really isn’t as dirty as it sounds)

For a wide receiver(WR) to beat this defense, he has to catch the ball in one of those dark spots.  Most WR’s hate running to the middle of the field because they are….pansies (NOT like the flower) and those strong expensive safeties LOVE to hit people.  When they are in the middle of the field, they are to be hit by BOTH safeties.

On those bars on the outside it is hard for quarterbacks to complete those passes because you only have about 4 yards to complete it in!  (that’s about the width of a car).  But if you do complete it, send the video to your grandma because it was a beautiful thing!

Just ask Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald They did it in the Super Bowl vs the Steelers.

Notice how the middle is definitely open when he catches the ball.

That is why I love the Cover 2 defense.  Because it’s easy!


One Response to Things men really love: Cover 2 defense

  1. Trey says:

    That’s beau-ti-ful! Nothing more…nothing less! 🙂 Gwen Haynes, I hope you got this one!

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