Weekend warriors!

Well this weekend I had my first taste of the married life.  Not really, but it was my first taste while hanging out with my guy friends.  A bunch of my college buddies  got together this weekend and held our fantasy football draft.  We have been playing for ten years pretty much and this was the first time since we all graduated that we got to hold a live draft.

One guy made a pretty good point saying “I am glad we all can get together and nobody is whipped enough to not be able to come.”  He as referring to the Ol’ ball-n-chain.  He then said, “I told my girlfriend that I am a man, and you are a women“. I shuddered at the thought of how L would react if I would’ve say that.  He pretty much went on to say that he will continue to do whatever he wanted and she will learn to accept it and enjoy he fruits of his freedom! I would never have the….momentary lapse in judgment…to say such a thing.  At least not to L’s face and definitely not on this blog.

We all played basketball; two people got injured. One of my best men sliced his head open. Another guy had to get his chin stitched up.  We just aren’t the same awesome coordinated college kids we once were.  We actually had the draft at my buddies house and he had kids and dogs running rampant in here. It was like an episode of The Nanny….with no nanny!

L and the wives stopped by to bring us food which was much needed!  While L was there she saw me interacting with my buddies daughters and later made the comment that I was “adorable“. I’ve never wanted to have daughters in my life but I think now, after growing up, I would love to have a house full of princesses running around.

But even I know, princesses grow in to women and I would hate to have a house full of women running around …NIGHTMARE.


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