Wedding planning pause

We haven’t planned very much for our wedding lately. Everyone always asks how it’s going, and I just smile and say “Yes“.  I know that doesn’t make sense as an answer, but I don’t know what else to say.

We have both been busy being injured (L broke her foot…doing….normal things) or schooling, crying about being tired, and waking up at 5 am (guess which one of us does this).  We haven’t had much time to do anything wedding related really.

Actually there isn’t much to do I guess.  What is left?  Band, food, cake, guest list, …i’m starting to realize we have a lot to do.  Usually when there’s something to do, L waits until we are home and we have nothing planned so she can ask me questions while I (yup you guessed it) play XBox!

In our pause I just read this book over the past 3 or 4 days called The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I don’t want to use this blog as a marketing tool but…this book has affected me greatly!  I also just found out it’s going to be made into a movie!

Everyone should read this book.  I think it’s such an enlightening story.  Simply put, it doesn’t tell a story, instead it pulls emotions and feelings out through the most simplistic events and honest language that we all neglect to see or outspokenly acknowledge.  Racial lines are not something that I was raised to fear growing up (obviously), but I was smart enough to know that there once were and in some hearts and minds, still are lines.

I’ve never really talked about this with anyone but, raising bi-racial kids is not going to be easy, and race is something that we will have to have a high level of awareness about in our household as me and L grow as a family.  With that being said, this book gave me a vision that I will never forget.  The last scene of the book encapsulated 4 views of the world that signify fear, love, tolerance, and ignorance all in one.

I’ve never cried over a book before, but …. last night, my contacts were bothering me a lot.  Must have been reading induced allergies.


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