Kitchen nightmares

Ever since me and L moved in with each other this month I have been doing spins and flips and turns in my kitchen looking for stuff. I am not training to become an acrobat or a rodeo clown, I’m just looking for my forks and bowls!

When we moved in, the first thing L did was unpack the kitchen. I didn’t help because I was busy looking for my Xbox probably. Boy was that a mistake. I should have made a treasure map of the Kitchen and where everything was being put.  It is my own fault (won’t hear me say that often).

Now that I am actually using stuff in the kitchen, I need to try to find things and I never can. I pull the drawer for the forks, and (logically) think that the plates are right above it…aaaandnopeCups.

Then, I get thirsty and want a glass of water so I open the cup cabinet (again…logically) and…. nope.  Only cups.  No glasses.  Those are on the other side of the sink.

Later, I get hungry and want to get a bowl of cereal so I reach in the plate cabinet and get one (lucky guess).  Then I reach below to get a spoon annnnd…nope…Saran wrap and pot holders (duh!)!

I have yet to find what I am looking for in one successful swoop.  It takes me opening and slamming drawers to find them.

Like for (another) example I was heating something up one night at around midnight (while playing XBox and drinking wine) and I go to put something in the microwave. I hear L’s voice in my head “did you put the cover on it??!” (She bought a microwave food cover for 50 cents and she is so proud of herself!)

I’m looking for this cover … everywhere! for like 45 seconds!! Finally find it. Hidden in the back of some floor cabinet!

The scariest part of this whole thing….we still have (atleast) two empty cabinets!  Lord only knows what she is planning to shove in there!  Probably my sanity if I don’t get a grip on this kitchen arrangement.


4 Responses to Kitchen nightmares

  1. LOL this is such a true post about G finally! YAY!! Yes, slamming the kitchen drawers and cabinets is EXACTLY what he does, regardless of what time it is. And when he went to heat that dish up at midnight, I came running out of the bedroom, saying “Don’t forget the cover, don’t forget the cover!!!!” I’m not anal about cleanliness, but I also don’t want to make extra work for me when I do clean (every other week). Keeps things decent and cleaning will go by faster!

    PS- Maybe if you paid attention to where you’re getting things from, you’ll know where to go.

    PPS- also helping to empty the dishwasher and put everything away will also help you learn. Just food for thought wink wink

  2. Mr Yes says:

    She speaks. She Wins. As always.

    I just got asked to pay attention (to her and what she does) and to empty the dishwasher, stop making a mess, and to help her clean.

    This …. is …. my life.

    “wink wink”

  3. fizzgig says:

    this last comment by you sounds like a resonable request! lol

  4. P-Rice says:

    G, F complains about the same thing. At least you’re opening cabinets and drawers and finding stuff, not crawling visitors. It could always be worse (there is a reason she wants you to use that cover…)..

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