….Nice one….

L is one of the nicest people that I know.  She also teaches in the inner city, so she has a well developed tough side as well.

When we first started dating, I saw more of the inner city Ms. L and less of the Lovey L.  Then one day I told her straight out, “This is me.  I’m not one of your students.  Please stop thinking that I’m against you.  I’m on your side.” and then we hugged it out and ever since she has learned to trust that I am on her side and it’s been good great!

Well….yesterday Ms. L, the tough inner city teacher came out and she let me have it.  I had just finished one of two final exams and I planned to finish a game on XBox that I had paused three days ago.  L was reading a book so I assumed (first mistake) I could watch something on the other TV (yes I have two TVs).  I was wrong.

Can I see the remote please?<~ notice the please
*L glares at me and doesn’t move*
You’re not even watching anything, you’re reading
I’m doing both!
Its physically impossible for you to read and watch TV at the same time.”
I’m listening to the TV
You can’t do that, it’s impossible.  That means you’re not really focused on reading then.  I try to do it all the time when I’m studying.
Yeah, that explains why you’re getting B’s and not A’s in your classes.




One Response to ….Nice one….

  1. Trey says:

    Oooo weee! Yeah buddy, those sting! I got hit with the same remote-reading bullet the other night. I lost that one and gave it up. Like some old heads say, these moments are character-building and put hair on ya chest! I’m laughing at you and with you. 🙂

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