Crunch that crab, baby!

Nothing makes a good time better than great food and funny people (awkward sentence).

Except crabs!

Painting by Mark Adams -

My nephew Miles was not amused by the pile of cooked ready to eat crabs. During our grace I don’t think his eyes left the table at all. He might not have even blinked.  I still don’t think he has accepted that we ate them all. He didn’t come near the table the whole time…he just left his chicken nuggets there to rot.  His Nana (Hey Mama C!!!) did feed him some crab meat….over and over and over again so he does like them! 😉  I don’t think he made the connection of crabmeat actually coming from the crab ( Please see lost in translation post )

Me and L actually went to Quarterdeck in Arlington, Va onmy birthday to get crabs and I kinda showed her the Maryland way of eating crabs. No mallett, no knife, no vinegar (gross), and no claw crackers.  Just a pile of Old Bay and your teeth.  L actually adopted the teeth thing but said later that she doesn’t like “messing up her teeth“.  This coming from the girl that chews on ice like its bubble gum and scrapes forks and spoons against her teeth with every bite! (I will certainly get in trouble for that).

So yesterday during dinner at one point I crunched into the crab claw and she immediately followed (and Miiles immitated the sound as he sprinted by) and I look up at my brother Trey and he freezes and just looks at us…

Yup! I taught her well! I was so proud of her using her teeth for good! Crunch that claw, baby!

My mom gave me a framed picture that was taken of me and my drumline when I was 17…beautiful. Thanks ma! I need to find space to hang it up.  I am not sure where though yet.  I’m sure L has a place in mind.  I’ll run my thoughts past her and probably get her recommendation immediately following my rejected idea.

Me and my family all hung out for about 4 hours yesterday and I love when we get together.  It is just so relaxing and fun. Funny even and we all have gotten so much closer as I have gotten older. I am glad to be bringing in a dynamic person like L into a family that already is so powerful.  I can’t wait for our wedding day…(i must be getting delirious…it’s past my bedtime!)

I think I may sneak some crabs into the reception!  Who’s in!??!


One Response to Crunch that crab, baby!

  1. T says:

    My save the date was a big crab and our favors were jars of Old Bay – bring on the crabs for the wedding. And by the way, the comment of L with the spoons and forks – too funny, and it did bring chills down my spine thinking of the scraping against the teeth. 🙂

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