Couples Ma-what!?

My birthday was MondayThanks!

So we were pre-celebrating over some wine and drinks on Sunday night.  She keeps asking me to give her a massage so I was like “I thought that’s why we decided you should get your Massage Envy subscription

I know but…

Do you still have it?


Cancel it

I can’t

why not?

It’s a year.  Come with me


Couples massage.  Come with me.  We will go tomorrow for your birthday


That’s how it happened.  We went from me wanting to cancel it, to me going with her to get a massage

Fast forward to yesterday when I am sitting there in Massage Envy, about to get my massage.  There aren’t many details that I can display because I was nearly in the buff….I wasn’t expecting that but my masseuse (gotta use the correct terminology) did a good job of covering me up nicely. Even though I won’t go into detail, I will say that it was the most relaxing feeling!!

The hour flew by!  It felt like 10 minutes.  She also stretched my legs which was much needed!  This was an ultimate episode of “don’t knock it, til you rock it” or to translate, don’t dismiss anything until you first experience it.  I was a huge proponent of making fun of, well pretty much, everything L likes to do.  But I used to make fun of her going to the massage therapist dude/chick…but never again my friends!

The whole experience was actually pretty nice, the only thing I didn’t like was L over on the next table talking the whole time with her massageman!  He kept asking her questions or something, and I was trying to relax!  It was like a bunch of high school kids in the corner making out in the theater.  Terrible analagy actually…

Anyways, I will definitely (don’t hold me to it) be getting a massage again sometime.  and for all who wanted to know, my flexibility was described as being “incredible“.  Now is the time to be jealous 🙂


2 Responses to Couples Ma-what!?

  1. fizzgig says:

    ive never had a “real” massage. Ive had a couple chair massages at work when the lady comes, and some amateur ones by bf’s but i aspire one day for a real one.

    im going for a hot stone massage. uhhhhh yes.

  2. wertyk says:

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