So I apologize for not posting a lot lately.  We finally have internet in our apartment!  WHOO!!!

But while I was not posting, I was learning.  Yeah, I had some schoolwork to do, but no I am talking about something completely different!  I’m talking about the proper way to rinse dishes.

I grew up washing dishes  in a dishwasher.  My mom always told me to rinse them off before you put them in the dishwasher.  Otherwise food clogs the thingy and the dishes don’t completely get clean.  You know. Rinsing means, running water over the dish, correct?  ERRR!!! WRONG

So one day L tells me that I struggle at rinsing dishes off.  Then the food dries and it gets impossible to clean! Fair enough!   Our house, her rules.  I get it!

Then, I rinse a dish off after eating one night and she goes “This is how you properly rinse a dish“.  She grabs the little pink (not my choice of color) scrubby doohicky, and starts washing the dish.  She scrubs the dish dang near clean….THEN puts it into the washing machine dishwasher.

I’m blown away.  She just hand washed the dish and then put it into the automatic washer which is built to wash nothing but dishes to the best of its ability.  I don’t get it.

If she wants me to do that, we should just spray a pump of soap on the dish and then scrub rinse  it.  We don’t even need the dish washer.  We can save hundreds in water and dishwasher soap!

That’s like going to the car wash and hand washing it before you drive it through the car wash. Or going to a restaurant and getting a meal for appetizer and then another meal for the meal! Or maybe, taking a bath, then standing up and taking a shower.

Silly to me, but it makes complete sense to her and I have come to realize…THAT is all that matters!


4 Responses to Eat…Rinse…scrub…wash…repeat

  1. fizzgig says:

    i dont understand the whole diswasher concept. i could see if i can eat, and throw whatever in there, but if i have to do the rinisng anyway, how hard is it to add to the rinising, the use of a soap filled scrubber brush, and put in the rack? im just sayin….

  2. Spike says:

    I bow down hlubmy in the presence of such greatness.

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