Yes! I haven’t posted…blame Verizon

I would just like to say that moving to a new location is both exciting and also a huge pan in the behind.  L and I requested that verizon come out to install cable, phone, internet and some extra channels on tuesday.

It is now Friday and we have cable. No internet, no phone, no extra channels, not even a guide to see what channels we do have.

I am in grad school and do not have access to my class stuff now.  It is ridiculous. I couldn’t contribute for one of my recent group projects and that means that I will probably get a B in the class now. In high school and college, I would be satisfied with this…now, not so much!

Oh yeah did I mention that I have a paper due this monday also?

I mean, I guess I should have planned for this but how do you plan for someone elses incompetence or inability to do their job correctly?

I guess this is why brides get called bridezillas. Imagine if verizon were the wedding cake bakers.  Or the flower dudes, or the caterer…they’d be fired, cussed out and probably beat up depending on the bride (or meatheadedness *new word* of the groom)

Maybe I should put on my bridezilla face and call Verizon.  This is downright ridiculous. This is costing me thousands of dollars in tuition! Somebody must pay!

Actually, L is calling them, and she isn’t happy…if you have stock in Verizon, I suggest you sell it this morning!


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