The mail…

I have not only moved in with L the wondeful stay at home for the summer fiance.  I have also moved in with Ms. L the teacher.

To say she prefers organization over chaos is an understatement. Whoever created lists owes me my sanity back. L has adopted the art of listmaking and owned it greatly and proudly.

I am convinced that there was one list she has been hiding from me. I always wondered where it was…well she found it and she’s rattling things off one by one.

Its called “stuff you do that drives me crazy”.

Now let me preface the rest of this post by saying I don’t have this list because I have this blog and I also don’t keep my thoughts in my mouth long nough to necessitate a list to remember them. I blurt and regret usually.  I am very glad that she has a list and is releasing it to me!  Now I don’t feel so bad!

Well…the first clue of the list started last week!  I came home and my mail was stacked neatly on my chair that I sit on.  I came home…saw it…moved it to the floor and gradually it spread out to embrassingly cover the floor. Next day, I come home to it again stacked neatly on the floor….next to my couch where I promptly kicked it across the floor again.  This repeats until we move this weekend and I go to get the mail from our new mailbox.

I open it and start stacking it in three random piles based on some illogical throw away or keep priority I made up. Then I hear her voice.

“Umm….we need to figure out some plac to put mail…because you like to pile it up and leave it places.”

It strikes me like a bolt of lightning! She was piling up the mail so that I would get tired of looking at it and finally put it somewhere! Omg!  Brilliant plan, but I was an oblivious fool and foiled her plans unintentionally!

I am not sure exactly what ever happened to those three random piles but now that we live together, I know my system will no longer be in effect.


2 Responses to The mail…

  1. Trey says:

    Buddy, brother o’ mine – you will fail so many of those subtle messages and lessons that it’s not even funny. BUT…when you finally begin to catch on to what’s going on, I promise you that you’ll feel so much more balanced…like learning a new skill at work. And while you still might revert to your old ways most of the time, you can at least document the newly acquired skill on your resume. Like MacGyver, you’ll need those “wifey life tactics” at some point and some time to get you out of or into some situation. Stay flexible, my friend!

  2. fizzgig says:

    the most frustrating part of living with someone is getting use to their cleanliness/orginizational habits. or rather…letting go the fact that not everyone is the same. arrrgh

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