Ballston travels

5:30 am – My alarm goes off for me to wake up and start my first day commuting from Ballston. I decided last night to catch the 6am train….don’t miss it! This will put me at work right on time at 7am

5:52 am – Leaving the house! Its only a 5 minute walk, I’ll have plenty of time!

5:55 amCrap! Forgot my cellphone! Back to the apartment!  Still have time to make the train!

6:01 am – Asked the concierge (nice guy!) how to get to the metro, he kinda pointed all over the place so I thanked him and decided to just explore! Apparently, it is a six minute walk if you go the long way. I (of course) went the long way. Aaaaand my train is right on time…without me on it! Note to self: Do not miss the 6am train. It will you behind by at least 11 minutes! *sigh*

6:10 am -Next train is finally arriving and thank goodness!  This tunnel is where heat and humidity were invented,  I am sure of it!  Note to self: carry extra deodorant.

6:12 am -I’m on the train. No empty seats, so I stand. Note to self: invest in some more comfortable shoes.

6:33 amwell.. I am making my first transfer at metro station…I have to watch a train go past because it only goes to Grosvenor (yes L the ‘s’ is silent) which is ONE stop ahead of mine! Grrr!!

7:19 am – I hopped on the bus and rode it on down he road for about three stops. Not bad! Here now at work in the nick of time!

Looks like the commute isn’t bad at all.  Definitely could sleep on the train if I desired.  I may want to get some valuable reading done instead though!  I hink I have another paper due soon.  I should get on top of that actually!


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