Movin on up!

Sorry! I have not posted in days! I have a good reason though…Land I have moved! That’s right, I am no longer a marylander…(gag!).

We now live in ballston….Virginia.  look…I’m not happy about it, but luckily it is only a twenty minute drive from my mom and about thirty minutes from her parents.

I moved even farther away from my friends but it is a more convenient location for her so I made the sacrifice (one of many I am sure).

I want to say thank to my buddy D for helping us move!  I was being selfish and foolish and denying his multiple requests to help us move and finally he pretty much called me out and told me to swallow my pride and let him help.  I’m so glad that I did because of what happened….

We packed the truck (uhaul is run by satan’s second cousin on his fathers side btw!) and it looked great!!!  Then i  drive the truck about twenty miles to Ls storage unit to pick up some stuff.L drove our (its really mine but…not really) car…that’s when we opened the back and see that everything had shifted to create one even level of ….. junk.

I take one look at L and see her face. She didn’t say a word!  Nor did she have to.  D saw the same look and probably saved me the most deserved slap of my life! He said “let’s start moving stuff back into place” he hopped into the truck and began moving stuff. I smartly followed!

All in all, it was a pretty hectic day with some funny stories and some good times!  I also realized that D is a great friend. As genuine as they come. I can learn a lot from him…like how to pack a truck!


One Response to Movin on up!

  1. T says:

    I miss my Virginia days….not a big fan of Maryland! Enjoy your new home.

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