I received my first executive orders

I had a hilarious post written up and L saw it (even though she said she wouldn’t look 🙂) and demanded sulked in the corner to make sure that I take it down.  Actually, she just was really embarrassed, so I decided to put on my nice boyfriend hat for a change as I always do, and delete the post 🙂

Instead, I have an update about our lives.  It’s official….we are a family. Well, at least according to Verizon.

We went to Verizon on Sunday and melted our accounts into one happy family plan.  Not as cool as it sounds, especially since the sales guy (who spoke softer than baby poo) was like, “You’ll save about 10 dollars

That’s it!?! I guess it’s because we both have Droid phones, but stillOnly 10 dollars!  Our bill is still going to be like hundreds of bucks a month!  Well…maybe just one hundred and some change.

Oh and on top of that, one of us I only gets 50$ towards a new phone upgrade vs. the normal $100!  Not fun!

Family plan is a jip…or maybe it’s the fact that becoming a family isn’t all its cracked up to be.

(standby. After that last statement, I might get another executive order to take this down as well)


One Response to I received my first executive orders

  1. P-Rice says:

    LOL! Family plans suck AND I am always the one who gets the crappy deal on the new phone! You think this is big, just wait till you combine ALL your accounts!

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