She beat me again……and engagement photos!!

Another day of tennis in the heat, another loss by me!  I actually was winning at one point.  I won the first set 6-1….i then lost the next two and she could barely move she was so tired.  I can’t even beat a tired L.  I think for ten minutes I’m actually getting better and back to reality I come crashing down!.

Oh yeah, we took engagement photos today!  I can’t tell you how they went or anything but, they were amazing (i realized i use this word a lot, but I will one day get a thesaurus).  We took some funny ones, some cute ones (obviously!  I was in them!), some kinda sexy ones.  Some that really show our personality, and some that will highly embarrass me but its what she wanted right! 🙂

The funniest part was that about 5 minutes before our photographer showed up, I couldn’t decide on what to wear.  I took off the jeans, put on other jeans.  Didn’t like it, put on new jeans.  Didn’t like it.  Put on a new shirt, didn’t like it.  I just couldn’t figure it out!

L was looking fantastic and I was the one who couldn’t pick out an outfit.  I can be such a woman sometimes.


One Response to She beat me again……and engagement photos!!

  1. Mrs. L says:

    UMMM so correction…G won. I lost first set 1-6, won second set 6-2, and lost third set 3-6. I could barely serve last game from being soo tired and fighting soo damn hard. Yeah G your getting better…I need to stop coaching (giving out my secrets to WINS) you during the match.

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