She is dangerous. Like Angelina Jolie dangerous!

Me and L play tennis often.  I am good.  She is way, extremely, without a doubt better.

Either way, when we play, sometimes I get angry that she is beating me like a circus elephant! Other times I get extremely lucky and actually compete a little bit.  Whenever that happens, L boils over and takes it out on her racket.  She hates losing!  We both do.  And we both get mad at the loser when they get mad, but we know that when we get mad, we are the same way.  It’s a funny cycle of events.

Well A few weeks ago, I was whoopin her good and she slammed her racket on the ground.  HARD.  I was then shown why I should not mess with her.  She has it within her to be violent, and highly destructive. I will not test her limits outside of the tennis court!

The good news is that we get a racket.  The bad news is that rackets are mega expensive….and I don’t get a new racket.  Only she does.


Not so bad...

ok...THIS is bad!


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