Weekend Gameplan: Meet the L’s!


Opponent – Dinner tonight!

Objective Eat good food, have fun, begin the melting of two great families!

Key players to watch – My big fat mouth!

Key points to focus on – My family is great.  We laugh, we joke, we inspire, we tell stories, we support each other, and we just have a great time.  L’s family is great.  They do much of the same and more!  It shouldn’t be hard to find topics between all of our adventurous lives (especially mine).  It also shouldn’t be hard for me to just sit down, shut up, and not make a fool of myself or my family.  I have a tendency to freak out and say stuff.  I hope my big fat mouth can just laugh and eat.  Checkpoints don’t fail me now!

Plays to avoid – I should definitely avoid making fun of L.  It can only end poorly.  If we all get a kick out of it, she kicks my rear end later for embarrassing her in front of EVERYONE!  If I end up saying something mean (highly probable based on my previous track record) then my family will take her side and her family will be offended, and I will be stuck on a lonely island!  I should definitely avoid the wine.  Although that will be hard because I will be extremely nervous! I will just have to be smart about the whole thing!  Stay calm G!

Final pep talk – Two great families coming together is a wonderful thing.  Me and L both are excited, but I am nervous as well.  I know that I will calm down considerably when I see my brother. My best man!  My nephew Miles should bring some good entertainment too!  He’s amazingly unintentionally hilarious!  I think that we will all have a great time.  So just relax G!  I got this!  Can’t wait to eat whatever is for dinner!  The L’s always make GREAT food!  mmm!!! I’m excited!

Can’t wait to tell you guys about it on Monday!


2 Responses to Weekend Gameplan: Meet the L’s!

  1. Trey says:

    Hey homie! No worries at all…if you say something mean, you won’t be on an island, you’ll be with me in figure four leg lock, but laughing while I’m kickin’ your (watch out now) for saying something you knew was wrong as it was coming out of your mouth but just couldn’t stop! Repeat whatever you’re fixin’ to say to yourself at least once before you say it. But whatever is said, I’m expecting that you have enough love credits to cover it! We’re excited, man. G’s Love + L’s Love + Family Love = LOVE. It’s not algebra; it’s simple addition.

  2. D Source says:

    Ah come on G! You’ve got nothing to worry about…we don’t have any lie detector equipment…nothing to break a sweat over. Trust me on this, I’m the D Source.
    Now, for M Source, she’s prepared. Way, way, way over prepared! Her excuse isn’t nerves…no, she wants to please. Take notes, this could happen to you. She doesn’t know who drinks what…sooooooo, there’s everything drinkable known to man!!!!! and Miles…I didn’t know volka came in so many favors. Not to worry…she’s taken care of everything. If folks do a little to much on the d she’ll take their keys away and everyone will really enjoy the PJs with feet. Particularly this day…temps near, only near 100. Let’s see…Miles, Trey in the bedroom…oh, never mind. M Source will clear all day if needed.
    See you soon. D Source

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