No family feud but, Good answer!

I asked L yesterday(well two days ago now…sorry, meant to post this yesterday) what she would do if our (imaginary) son came home from football practice with a headache and wanted to quit after the first day of practice.

She said without hesitation, “I would tell him to go take a shower, feed him dinner, give him two aspirin, massage his shoulders, make him do his homework, tell him to suck it up , and send him to bed.

……exactly what I was thinking! How did she come u win that all without even thinking about it!?

“The coach wants you to quit after the first day, that‘s why its hard. They want to weed out the weak ones.”

I am still amazed at her answer and at how quickly she answered. Its like she has a natural motherly instinct.  Wow.

Coach L! SUCK IT UP!


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