She’s the boss, but I’m the coach!

So I haven’t done much …. of anything lately.  I have been addicted to this new XBox game that I got.  It’s called NCAA Football 11!!

If you knew me (yeah, I watched that ‘Challenge Day’ show last night), you’d know that I am I a football fanatic!!!  I don’t just love the game from a fan standpoint, I love the game from a coaching standpoint.  I played football from as young as I can remember, all the way up through when I was 13.  Probably 7 years?  My brothers all played (and Trey won a state championship), my dad coached us.  I worked for my college football team (and got two bowl rings) and I even coached a HS football team a few years ago.

Me and L went to a few Maryland games last year and before we even sat down before each game I would say “OK, today’s lesson is going to be on the safeties.“, then she would humor me with an “ok” and I would proceed to point out stuff that the safeties were doing (or more likely not doing with Maryland)!

Now that I have the NCAA game, after I score or make a decent play, I pause it, hit instant replay (during a commercial of whatever show she is watching on the other TV, of course), and I explain WHY the play was amazing!  She watches (semi-interested I’d like to believe) and then goes back to her show.  But I feel important for those 15 seconds!

It’s cool.  I know she doesn’t give two cupcakes (her favorite dessert) about me or my stupid game.  In fact, she banned me from playing it on Tuesday.  Instead we actually enjoyed each others company.  But the fact that she likes me enough to listen to the stupid football crap that I have to say makes me happy.

L, keep it up!  Don’t worry, you don’t have much longer to appease me and my stupid football knowledge. When Miles (my nephew) or our kids (don’t worry, none on the way!) get old enough, I’ll transfer all of my knowledge to them.  I’ll sit them down and say,

Watch the cornerback , if he stands to the inside of the wide receiver, then the wide receiver has to go outside of him.  This forces the quarterback to have to throw around the cornerback.  This is called an inside shade.  This also means that the cornerback gets to the use the sideline as a 12th defender, but he has to keep the receiver from going to the inside of him because he probably doesn’t have linebacker help, or there’s no safety or maybe a single safety over top.  This literally puts the cornerback on an island by himself….Kind of like when Mommy gets mad at me and won’t talk to me.  That’s an island no man wants to visit! Trust me

…or something like that….


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