Quitting is not an option!

First, let’s make this about me.  So, before I was the aspiring blog writer and unemployed fiance (i’m fully booked in this department now), I was a certified conditioning specialist (a more hardcore personal trainer).  Yes I passed a pretty exhaustive online test to become one too!

When I used to train individuals, I trained everyone.  Old ladies, 10 year old kids.  I trained Division I athletes, pro athletes, high school all-americans.  Lawyers, doctors, stay at home moms, tv personalities, radio personalities, moms, dads, brothers, sisters.  Everyone!  I even trained three siblings, seperately because they couldn’t stand each other that much that their parents would rather pay me three times the amount, rather than have them bicker for an hour (I didn’t mind, and neither did my bank account!)

But even with all of the perks and excitement and enjoyment , I stopped doing it for a  few reasons, but one in particular.  I was sick of watching people quit on themselves. For people who say, “it’s your job to motivate them“, no.  My degree, and my certification had no questions about boosting motivation!

Now, I am no all-Met athlete, or push-up champion, or marathon athlete.  But I’m also not a quitter.  I hate quitting.  That is one thing that my father taught me that I’ll never forget.  He never let me quit anything.  He never let me quit a team, a game, a practice, a drill, a play.  He never let me quit.  One phrase that he taught me and I now live by is:

“If quitting is never an option, you have no choice but to succeed

There was one time when I worked out with my friend who is on a US Olympic team, and she beat me in every drill.  It was probably 95 degrees outside, 100% humidity of course, on field turf (add 10 degrees), at high noon, and I was probably hungover.  I never felt more like crying, dying, puking, and quitting in my life.  But I didn’t.  She laughed at me, and I drank all the water in College Park that afternoon. Oh yeah, and that was only the 2nd hardest workout I’ve ever gone through.

Well, I grew up always having one rule.  Never quit.  The reward of success, will always outweigh the comfort of quitting.

On to why this is relevant to anything.  Yesterday, me and L worked out.  We played tennis (she whooped me like I was one of Bebe’s kids ).  After tennis we ran ten 100 yard sprints (maybe more like 120 yards).  We rested in between each one for about 3o seconds.  After 4 sprints, she said “I’m gonna throw up“.  Now, I know she’s not going to throw up.  I’ve (mostly unintentionally) made dozens of people throw up, and I have developed a good sensor of when people are going to throw up from working out.

We carry on with the work out.  She starts to hate me more and more with every sprint.  I keep my distance, but I am smiling behind her as she sprints away!    We get to 7 sprints and she is in complete agony and doesn’t want me even looking in her direction.  We (finally) get to 10 sprints and I know she is as close to punching me in the face as she ever has been, I am sure.

I look at her and the only thing I can think is “This is definitely the one for me”.  Its so indicative of our personalities and our relationships.  We both hate failing.  We hate looking like failures.  We hate being perceived as failures.  And we hate being failures.  With everything we have within us both, we will always push each other to succeed.

With G and L, quitting is never an option!


One Response to Quitting is not an option!

  1. Trey says:

    G and L!

    Both of you made this post great. It definitely takes this attitude of “never quit” to make it to forever in your marriage. The whole raeson for this pre-marriage phase is to test your abilities to deal and cope with sprints in life that very well make you puke at times. But you soon realize that it’s all about the journey and the long distance run! Never stop, you two! Love you, Trey

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