There’s a new boss in town!

Remember how the hair was beginning to take over my life? It was magically appearing all over the place.

Well I found a few another thing that may be taking over my life even more-so than her hair strands (although I did find her hair in my shoe the other day.  Explain that one).  Her makeup!

Makeup Takeover

I came home to find my desk (well my workspace i guess we should call it) has been taken over, and her makeup was all over the place. Why? She used to sit on the floor in my room but then I saw there were makeup spills and stains and makeup all over the floor, so I tried to make her a little space in the closet with mirrors on the wall and everything!  Apparently there’s not enough light in there.   Understandable.

I am still not sure why the bathroom doesn’t suffice as a good makeup application area.  She says tthat she needs natural light or something?  I don’t understand this.  It’s not like makeup artists operate outdoors or anything.  So she went on a makeup session bing last night while I was playing video games.

Move over hair, makeup is in the building!


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