Man, Woman, Wild

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV and saw that this show called Man, Woman, Wild was on the Discovery Channel.  AMAZING.

The man is a special forces guy who married a news anchor and they go into the wilderness to survive.  The episode I saw today was when they were in the amazon rainforest in Peru (didn’t know it was in Peru ’til this morning)..  SO they are chopping down trees or someting and come across a turtle.

I just realized that i don’t know the characters names because they call each other babe, and honey all show!  But the wife starts crying because she knows the turtle has just become DINNER!  Reminded me of L because its her favorite animal just like the wife on the show!  Turtles are awesome! GO TERPS!

Then later the husband goes to hunt for replacement dinner, and comes across a baby boa!  He locks it down and picks it up with his hand while his wife screams in terror!  Then he puts it back on the ground and tries to convince his wife that she needs to learn how to handle the snake!!  She actually tries to do it until the snake takes a bite at her!

Oh man!  The show is great because their interaction is so classic.  He is calm and she is animated but very trusting.  He always has her back and they work as a team to do everything.  It’s awesome!!

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you check it out someday soon!


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