…She rocks my world…

Well,  we had an earthquake here.  I also had my first lesson in relationship *yea right*.

As I was laying in bed this morning, I heard a soft rumble, which quickly turned into a loud rumble.  It then turned into an amazing shake!  It wasn’t bad enough that I wanted to get out of bed (my mom sat straight up she said).  The earthquake was actually centered in the city where my mom lives, which is about 4 miles from where I live.

So, I turned to L after the ‘quake (yeah, I’ve been in one so I don’t call it an earthquake anymore) and I say in a sleepy daze, “earthquake“.  She doesn’t even move, but she says “no“.

NO?! I know what I am talking about!  My dad grew up in California and he used to tell me about earthquakes, and they always seemed like no big deal (thunderstorms though?  TOTALLY different point of view). I had never been in one before….and he was right!

It was a pretty cool experience (since nobody was hurt and nothing was destroyed) but I dont’ want them to happen everyday.  I mean that’d be ridiculous.  But as I was getting dressed this morning and L was watching the news (yes, she was watching the news!!! NOT REALITY TV!) I got to thinking about all the tragedies I have survived, or been involved in my life here in MD.

  • Earthquake (small but still real!)
  • Blizzards (Two this year, one in college, one when I was in like 5th grade when they extended school for 30 minutes each day!  Awful)
  • Hurricanes (Me and Dede decided in college to name our children Isabelle and Bella, after hurricane Isabella got us out of class for like 2 days)
  • 9/11 – My dad and sister (I think Gwen did) at the time, all worked downtown.  Of course everyone remembers where they were at the time.  The only thing is that nobody else knew were anybody else was at because phone service shut down.  I couldn’t get in touch with anyone for hours! Then there were rumors of planes flying towards DC and everything so it was mega scary!
  • Tornado (F3 that came two weeks after 9/11 tragedy.  This was the catalyst that finally convinced my mom that I needed a cell phone.)

    Tornando path, about 500 yards from my dorm room. My dorm is directly to the right of the one straight ahead. Trees were falling for days afterwards. A car was thrown into the dorm on the left side of the buiding, killing 2 sisters.

I think that pretty much covers all of the natural disasters that can happen!  I guess, I haven’t experienced fires or flooding yet.  But have no fear, I will be moving to within 3 miles of the Potomac River.  I am sure a flood or two will be within the realm of possibility.  Hopefully this time, sleepyhead L will believe me when I scream “FIRE!“.  I’m sure the blaring alarm and intercom systems will be on my side.


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