Wednesday recap: Get your rally recap on!

I was laying in bed thinking about what to write today.  Thinking back over the (40+)posts, some things have changed, some things have improved, some things are no longer issues, some things I need to apologize about.  So here’s an update and a recap of things that are going on my my our lives

  • CORRECTION: L hadn’t seen those episodes before from the Deja Vu post.  Actually she had only seen the end of the Top Chef episode so she was now watching the beginning….ok.
  • L says that I watch shows and moviesall the time” that I have seen before.  TRUE.  I have seen Top Gun literally, close to 100 times.  I have seen EVERY episode of Sopranos at least three times.  I used to fall asleep to Sopranos in college like I was 3 years old like it was a Wow Wow Wubbzy tape (shout out to my nephew Miles!)
  • If you didn’t read the post about L and my Hilarious hiking adventureDO IT NOW!
  • Thanks for all the honeymoon help!  We actually are probably leaning towards a place and have heard GREAT things about it.  We will announce it in a future post once we figure out the plan and all.
  • Invitations are still going back and forth between buying them and doing them ourselves (with tons of volunteer help), or having a pro do them.
  • Healthy eating is getting old (L wasn’t home for dinner, so I ate Chipotle.  Now all I want to do is run 3 miles! This is going to be the longest, fattest day of my life).
  • Wedding rings are a racket!  We might skip that part of the ceremony, and just exchange gift cards (seriously considering this).
  • I bought some new clothes this weekend and I hope to wear them in our engagement photos (no, I don’t know when they are).
  • Since our hike this weekend went so well, I bought some hiking shoes. Before you slap your forehead and sigh, check them out, and I paid less than that price for them!
  • World Cup is over.  Football hasn’t begun yet.  Midterms are over.  XBox isn’t a good excuse.  What will I use as my scapegoat for not wanting to wedding plan on the weekends?!?!
  • Question: How do I stop snoring so that L can sleep?  Please, help! She might smother me in my sleep but I can’t help it.

2 Responses to Wednesday recap: Get your rally recap on!

  1. Gwen (Sister) says:

    Miles says “Wassup!”

  2. fizzgig says:

    L should roll you on your side. or kick you every 2 seconds. thats my snoring solution. lol. earplugs?

    as long as i fell asleep first the snoring didnt bother me much if it did id just kick him. lovingly of course, nothing like i want to do to him now.

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