Monday Morning Quarterback

On the weekend, I believe that I took an L!  A big fat loser.  Shopping for the rings… awful

We went ring shopping as I hope you’ve read!  (go back and recap the weekend posts!)  I hate shopping for wedding rings too now.  Invitations and wedding rings.  L can’t make up her mind.  She found a wedding dress in 20 minutes (maybe not that quickly, but it was the first day) but now she can’t find a wedding ring to save our lives!

Granted, I can’t choose mine either.  The whole idea I had about not wearing it once we got married, got squashed as soon as L read the post.  I also was too afraid to ask about getting black diamonds in my ring.  They made it seem like , “you must get this ring i’m showing you, or any changes you want, will be a pain in the *bleep*”.  Not cool if you ask me!

So, we go to like 6 or 7 jewelry stores in VA (since that’s where we are living *grr*), and by the 3rd or 4th store, I stopped looking at men’s rings.  I stopped trying them on, I barely even looked at them.  I was over it.  The only ring I liked, I found at the first place that we went (obviously!  I’m a guy, what makes you think I’d want to “shop around” for anything?).

L liked a ring at like every shop.  I think that the first place was the best.  She was not so convinced.  Anyways, we have months to go, and apparently they can customize them and special order them within about a month, so we should be fine if we just don’t think about the rings for like another 4 or 6 months right? 🙂



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