Hike it out

So one of the reasons I love L is because we try new things together. She got me to try sushi, and now I will murder 18 pieces of sushi by myself! I like snowboarding and I got her to try it. But we quickly found out that she doesn’t fall well (remember this for later).

So today while L was sleeping I decided that it was a beautiful day to go hiking. I looked up some local trails and researched chose the first one I saw.

We arrive, and the parking lot is empty! But, L is like,”let’s go!” And we head down the dark (semi scary/blair witch) path.  Actually I think blair witch was filmed in Seneca Park in Maryland or something.

As we enter the path, the first thing I do is find a good whoopin‘ stick.  This is a 5 foot long, sturdy inch-thick stick. I plan on using this for probing next to logs to check for snakes and for whoopin the tail of any deer or bears that may provoke me.

Anyways, we walk down this path and suddenly the path opens up to a gravel road. Lost! After walking up and down the road, only to get even more lost, I finally pulled  out the GPS and navigated us to the C&O canal.

We walk about 3 Miles or so, and check out the river (still filthy), then turn around.

Now it is important to know that in the middle of the path there is a part where the trail hims to about the width of a shoe, and the grass is about knee height. Perfect snake and critter” habitat in L’s eyes.  So when we went through it the first time, she led the way and took off! She ran through that part and literally left me and my whoopin’ stick to fend for ourselves!

On the way back we are discussing a strategy just to ease her fears (my fatherly instincts).  I tell her that I will lead the way and if she sees anything to yell and I will stop and come get her. I say to also tell me if I am walking too slowly.

We get into the beginning of the critter zone, and I just hear her yell “jog!“. So I pick up the pace and am focusing on looking for snakes when I hear behind me…


I turn around and all I see is hair and a cloud of dirt.  L HAD FALLEN FACE FIRST IN THE MIDDLE OF CRITTER ZONE. She pushed herself up and lets out the most embarrassed, “ohhhhhh!”

Dirt everywhere, elbows, chest, stomach, fingernails, knees…it was like a scene from a horror movie. You know, when the one girl is running from the killer and she falls. Of all the times and places to fall! You fall in the one place you are afraid to fall in!

L is a tough one though!  No tears (I’m still shocked!),  a few scraps and bruises, and no critters!  I wish you could see how much me and her laughed!  lol!  I’m still laughing!

Love is being able to fall (embarrassingly and ungracefully) on your face, and getting up to brush yourself off and immediately laugh about it


7 Responses to Hike it out

  1. Gwen (Sister) says:

    ROFL! I love it! I wish I could have seen that. But hide that whoopin stick from L – she might use it on you during the next phase of wedding planning! Love you both!

  2. fizzgig says:

    I totally agree! you have to have those moments, they are what memories, and bonds are made of!

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  4. T says:

    I’m telling you, falling stories are the best. Feel bad for L, but I did get a good laugh. I needed that – thanks!

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