Things I now notice now

There are some things that I notice now that I never really used to notice before.  Some good, some bad.  Some awesome!

Wedding rings are disappearing – Back when I was single and not getting engaged it seemed like everyone else was in a relationship, happy, planning a wedding, wearing promise rings (jk….sorry but these are pointless after age 16), or full out married! Now, it seems like everyone is living the good life (aka the single life). Maybe its just because its summer and nobody wants a ring finger tan but I swear nobody I look at is wearing a ring. Not a big deal, just an observation (Calm down L)

The future isn’t now, its forever -The future doesn’t begin and end with this weekend (unfortunately). Planning wasn’t a word I used … ever! Then I got a serious girlfriend. I have had smartphones since like 2004 and never used the calendar. I now realized I just had a really expensive Motorola Startac (Still the best phone I’ve ever had!)

Healthy food isn’t so bad if someone else is making it for you – L made me some steak and cheese sammie yesterday and I gobbled it up (along with some corn bits, YUK!).  Then after I got my second serving she said “and the best part is, its a weight watchers meal!“.  Hmm!  Who would’ve thunk!

Bills aren’t so bad when you’re splitting them with someone you like love – I have lived with a roomie for 2 years and she is awesome (whassup Christy!), but it’s different when you start splitting everything with someone.  Groceries, insurance, …I don’t know, everythingNow we just need to get on this family plan thing for our phones (hint!)

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is awesome – I feel like Will Ferrel in Old School sometimes, but that scene is so true!  I am starting to see it already, planning for days at Home Depot and Target are the highlight of the week sometimes.  Maybe I need a hobby!

Passing gas in bed is even more fun when someone else smells it first – No comment necessary

Laundry is awesome when you aren’t doing it – I have to take the time to give my future wife props.  She washed all of my clothes this week.  This might seem like nothing, but I have three laundry bags, and I wait until they are overflowing before I even think about laundry.  I have a walk in closet that was full before L got here.  I was forced to give away 6 bags of clothes, and I still have 3/4 of the closet for clothes and shoes.  So L, I will drive you to Massage Envy so that you can get a massage, you earned it!

Partying is overrated – I feel like I wasted so much money and time partying.  There were times, I wanted to meet someone so I would go out with the hope of finding an angel.  Never happened.  I mostly just found names to clog my phone book, and Facebook friends that I soon realized, were not my friends.

Wine isn’t as disgusting as I once thought – I’m no wine conny sewer, but it’s pretty good!  L’s parents are fans of wine, and last month, L and I went to Sonoma to taste some wines and it was actually pretty interesting/fun.  Maybe one day I will become a conny sewer!  or better yet, a connoisseur (yes, I just used spell check).

When you wear headphones, people don’t talk to you.  Even if there’s no music playing – True statement.  Don’t use this on your GF or wife too often though.  TRUST ME!


3 Responses to Things I now notice now

  1. Trey says:

    Nice one, brother!

    As for getting clothes washed, that’s the coolest; that is until you by chance leave a little “graffiti” in your washables! Then, you might opt to wash a select few pairs to avoid the “how did THIS happen” discussion! Not saying it’s happened to me, but…I’m just sayin’!

    TARGET…while I love that place…not sure if it’s the work of the devil or the good Lord! We spend $50 – $100 every single time we go in there. And now, with Miles, add $.97 to $5 for Hot Wheels cars. So, my brother, you just trasnferred your club money to Target. Might as well set them up for direct deposit right out of your JOINT account.

    Home Depot…great and fantastical place…they’ve hired women and less dudes lately. Not sure if this is the work of the devil or of the Big G-O-D! But to be safe, take L with you to Home Depot! In fact, when she goes, she might want to take you as well…the world is-a-changin’! 🙂 Nuff said!

  2. Mr Yes says:


    You are killing me with the graffiti! I might have to start washing my workout clothes myself. Target is a paycheck vacuum!

    I found myself looking at TVs there the other day. Luckily, I had my “honey leash” on and L quickly yanked and followed with a “come on honey”.

  3. fizzgig says:

    yes it is a lot of work to do someone elses laundry. I actually liked taking care of someone that way. once. siiiigh!

    mm wine! i duno anything about it other than i like when its grapy and sweet! And, the amish make delicious wine!

    healthy food is good, i made this pie (you can try this) its whips yogurt (i use key lime or chocolate mousse) and sugar free cool whip and fat free graham crust and you freeze it.

    its like ice cream piiiiiiie!

    My brother and ex bf ate the entire pie in one night minus my peice.

    then when i said it was healthy they pretended to know all along. whatever. lol

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