Deja vu? No, pretty sure this is a repeat!

I was going to post a different post today, but I will save that for tomorrow.

I have been studying for midterms the last two days so I have been on one side of the room while L has been on the couch watching TV (the teacher life must be sweet).  She is doing something that has me puzzled beyond belief!

L has literally watched TV shows (not sitcoms, or some athletic event) that she has already seen.  And by “already seen”, I mean like they came on monday, and it’s wednesday.  And she is watching them like its her first time ever seeing it.  I am boggled!!

Do all women do this?!  Just tonight, in the past hour, she has watched two shows that she has already seen. One was MTV True Life … Just saw that episode last month.  I guess she thought they would update the update at the end.

I mean seriously, it’s Top Chef, it’s not like we get to taste the food again, or they are going to post the recipe at the end! OMG! Now she has left the room and left the show on for me to suffer.  I think she knows that I am posting about this.  I have to go.  She’s coming….no wait. She just sat down because she realized the commercial break was over on her already watched show.

I’m marrying this girl.  Yes I am.


2 Responses to Deja vu? No, pretty sure this is a repeat!

  1. Trey says:

    I confirm that, yes, there’s at least one other woman like this! No need to say who…but I’m just sayin’!

    I’ve seen Greese enough to feel like John Travolta…even as a black man…you can’t tell me that I’m not him! 🙂

    And Annie…yes Annie. There’s a curly red-head girl inside all of us!

  2. […] L hadn’t seen those episodes before from the Deja Vu post.  Actually she had only seen the end of the Top Chef episode so she was now watching the […]

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