Help me plan my honeymoon!

Alright, I believe it’s time to start thinking about this most important part of the wedding.  Technically it’s not part of the wedding, but it is really.

I have been looking at some places to go for our honeymoon, but I am having some trouble.  So, when in trouble, call on your friends right?!

So I know you guys have TONS of places in mind as to where we can go.  PLEASE give me some ideas.  I have made a list of things that we are looking for and we would like to do.  Any ideas are welcome! Just comment below!

Honeymoon listypoo!

  • Out of the US!
  • Near some water! (Lakes, rivers, oceans)
  • Safe (Mom requested this one)
  • Must be activities to do!  (Ziplining, kayaking, sailing, fishing, jetskiing, hiking, biking, etc.)
  • No longer than an 8 hour flight
  • No Hawaii
  • Semi-secluded (not necessary, but more romantic)
  • All-inclusive packages are a plus!

Please, help out in any way that you can!  Even if it’s you just telling us where NOT to go!


2 Responses to Help me plan my honeymoon!

  1. Gwen says:

    I just saved this link the other day
    Top 10 Luxury Beach Hotels for Less (From Los Angeles to Vietnam)

  2. fizzgig says:

    Charleston, SC, isle of palms! i heart SC!

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