Monday Morning Quarterback: Invitations – CHECK!

*High five*

I did well this weekend.  Coach L would even say so I am sure.  I maintained a high level of focus this weekend on the task at hand.  We went to this place called The Dandelion Patch in Vienna, VA. I give that store 2 thumbs up!!!

First off, I walk in and I see a bunch of trinkets and …crap that really isn’t interesting to guys really.  But then L says “ooh Tar Heels” and my ears perk up like a puppy in heat (actually puppies don’t go into heat do they?  What’s the cutoff age  for a puppy anyways?!).  She was holding a chip platter or something that was hand painted (or so it looked).  It had Tar Heels logos and painted grass or something, but it was pretty cool!

Then I noticed that they didn’t have any Maryland Terps stuff…(I will be writing a letter to the owner about this!).  But I see some napkin holder that looks like a metal football.  COOL!  And I notice that there actually is a TV across the street and I could actually see what was going on.  L and Penelope (our assistant) actually strategically placed me facing the TV (awesome!)

Let’s save the favorite for last“, L says to Penelope
Yeah, I agree“, She smiles.  These women don’t realize that I couldn’t care less what their favorites are.  It’s my decision to … decide my own favorite. Or am I wrong about that?

So, they slam these huge photo album looking things in front of me and start screaming names “I think it’s the Nataly” “no it’s the Erin” “The green one is the Kate, right?”  The fact that all of these designs are named after women, should have told me that I was out of my element.

After looking at choices #2 and #3 (and using my vivid imagination on how ours would kinda sorta look like those, but really not at all), I was shown #1.

*angels singing*

I think this one is super cute!“, L said.
I replied, “Yeah this one is pretty cool!

Said very differently, but we meant the same thing!  I’d describe them to you, but then I’d ruin the surprise!  Plus we haven’t exactly gotten them yet.

L and Penelope then started talking to me about colors of the paper, and colors of the font, and designs, and pockets, and foldouts, and string, and slip covers, and wah wah wah wah wah.

Focus, gone.  But I quickly wrapped it up and we got out of there.  Home, just in time to see the second half of the soccer match.

PHEW! I think I am getting the hang of this marriage thing actually.  It’s still the pre-season, but this is when you get all of the kinks out of the system! By April 16th, 2011, I plan to be totally kinkless!


One Response to Monday Morning Quarterback: Invitations – CHECK!

  1. Trey says:

    Kinkless…no such thing!!! Not the word, but the state of! This is a definite “to be continued” for you, brother! 🙂

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