Weekend gameplan: World Cup vs Invitations

Weekend Gameplan

Opponent – Invitations

Objective – Focus!  Don’t screw up this invitational experience.  FOCUS!

Key Players to watch – The restaurant across the street.

I just don’t know if this going to work for me. She called me yesterday, and asked me to “pick a time 10am or 2pm, we have an apointment Saturday

I immediately googled “world cup soccer schedule” I saw the two games started at (figures) 10am and 2:30pm….. so I look at the games. I pick 2.  She then says as she is sitting in the invitation store, “I am looking across the street and I see ESPN on the TV in the restaurant next door“.

HEAVEN!  It’s like getting the opponents playbook before the game.  Or having a QB on your team that can read their hand signals during the game.

Key points to focus on – My own focus.  Now, even though L mentioned the TV next door, I can’t just go next door.  That would end up in a shellacking (google it) of monstrous intensity.  I must sneakily focus on the game as well as the invitations.  I must actually pay attention to what she says.  If possible, I must anticipate what she is going to say.  I can do this very well now since we have been dating for so long, but with the added pressure of the World Cup…it may be more difficult.  But a wise man once said “difficult is not impossible

Players to avoid – My Droid phone.  I ordered the VCast thing where I can watch the game online.  If I have that on at the same time, there’s no way I will ever take my eyes off the screen.  I cannot turn on Droid VCast.  I will lose the battle, and it will be a long….LONG 3 day weekend.  Focus on the gameplan.  Invitations, and the sneak peak at the TV next door.

Final pep talk – Some lonely regretful man out there once said, “it’s just invitations.”  They didn’t get it.  They are probably also no longer engaged, or if they are, they are sleeping on the couch.  They’re NOT just invitations!  It’s the most important piece of paper you will ever hold.  No, not your flimsy diploma, or your nearly useless advanced degree. Your wedding invitation is more important!  It might not be made by Tiffany’s like the Lomarbi Trophy, or have everyone’s name engraved on it like the Stanley Cup, but trust me, your wedding scrapbook will revolve around your invitation!  Now FOCUS!  Trust your DVR! And pray that the game doesn’t go into penalty kicks!


One Response to Weekend gameplan: World Cup vs Invitations

  1. fizzgig says:

    not that I like sports of any sort but i do love my tivo, and it has many times forsaken me. always record the next two shows, sports always ruin, i mean, run over into other shows!

    have fun with the invites, you are right they are way important!

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