I received my first executive orders

July 29, 2010

I had a hilarious post written up and L saw it (even though she said she wouldn’t look 🙂) and demanded sulked in the corner to make sure that I take it down.  Actually, she just was really embarrassed, so I decided to put on my nice boyfriend hat for a change as I always do, and delete the post 🙂

Instead, I have an update about our lives.  It’s official….we are a family. Well, at least according to Verizon.

We went to Verizon on Sunday and melted our accounts into one happy family plan.  Not as cool as it sounds, especially since the sales guy (who spoke softer than baby poo) was like, “You’ll save about 10 dollars

That’s it!?! I guess it’s because we both have Droid phones, but stillOnly 10 dollars!  Our bill is still going to be like hundreds of bucks a month!  Well…maybe just one hundred and some change.

Oh and on top of that, one of us I only gets 50$ towards a new phone upgrade vs. the normal $100!  Not fun!

Family plan is a jip…or maybe it’s the fact that becoming a family isn’t all its cracked up to be.

(standby. After that last statement, I might get another executive order to take this down as well)


She beat me again……and engagement photos!!

July 28, 2010

Another day of tennis in the heat, another loss by me!  I actually was winning at one point.  I won the first set 6-1….i then lost the next two and she could barely move she was so tired.  I can’t even beat a tired L.  I think for ten minutes I’m actually getting better and back to reality I come crashing down!.

Oh yeah, we took engagement photos today!  I can’t tell you how they went or anything but, they were amazing (i realized i use this word a lot, but I will one day get a thesaurus).  We took some funny ones, some cute ones (obviously!  I was in them!), some kinda sexy ones.  Some that really show our personality, and some that will highly embarrass me but its what she wanted right! 🙂

The funniest part was that about 5 minutes before our photographer showed up, I couldn’t decide on what to wear.  I took off the jeans, put on other jeans.  Didn’t like it, put on new jeans.  Didn’t like it.  Put on a new shirt, didn’t like it.  I just couldn’t figure it out!

L was looking fantastic and I was the one who couldn’t pick out an outfit.  I can be such a woman sometimes.

She is dangerous. Like Angelina Jolie dangerous!

July 27, 2010

Me and L play tennis often.  I am good.  She is way, extremely, without a doubt better.

Either way, when we play, sometimes I get angry that she is beating me like a circus elephant! Other times I get extremely lucky and actually compete a little bit.  Whenever that happens, L boils over and takes it out on her racket.  She hates losing!  We both do.  And we both get mad at the loser when they get mad, but we know that when we get mad, we are the same way.  It’s a funny cycle of events.

Well A few weeks ago, I was whoopin her good and she slammed her racket on the ground.  HARD.  I was then shown why I should not mess with her.  She has it within her to be violent, and highly destructive. I will not test her limits outside of the tennis court!

The good news is that we get a racket.  The bad news is that rackets are mega expensive….and I don’t get a new racket.  Only she does.


Not so bad...

ok...THIS is bad!

Monday Morning (night) Quarterback: My New Family

July 26, 2010

Well as you all know, L and I’sMe and L’s….L and My’s….our families met each other this weekend.  Saturday night was the big night.

I think we all left there with an amazing feeling in our hearts knowing that we were all gaining something amazing.  We had a GREAT time.  Mr. L aka D source, was his hilarious self all night and I think him and Gwen had a great time ribbing each other and firing one liners back and forth.  Trey had us all in tears(from laughter) of course as always and my mom showed why Trey and I are the brilliantly loving men that we are today!  She is no short of an angel herself.

Mrs L aka M source was the most bestest hostess and made a scrumptious meal  (I wish I had pictures of this perfectly cooked steak that she made!)  The wine was fantastic, the alcoholic beverages were delicious (thank you), Miles thoroughly enjoyed his apple juice and his brand new truck!

So here’s the play by play!  I wish I had some pictures!

Me, L and my mom arrived first and we all gave our hugs to Mrs. L and shortly thereafter, Mr. L!  We sat and talked about everything under the sun and laughed and giggled about it all (I really just can’t remember what we were talking about.  I was too nervous).  They had some guacamole and chips for us and shortly thereafter Trey, Gwen, and Miles showed up!  Miles was confused until he saw me, L, and grandma!  Then he SHOT out to the middle of the floor and started dancing with a huge grin on his face!

Mrs. L brought a brand new hot wheels truck out for Miles and he loved it!  He ran that thing in circles all over the place!  L then made us some homemade pizza for appetizer!  HOLY GOODNESS!! We ALL killed that with a ferociousness that can’t be described!  It was close to 105 degrees outside so it was hot to say the least but we barely noticed it once we were all getting to know each other.

I mainly kept quiet because that’s what I do, plus I didn’t want my big mouth to embarrass me!

We then ate dinner as a family and had champagne to celebrate the coming together of two great families!  Then the boys went for a walk with the dogs over to the koi pond. Yes it was hot, but who cares!  Miles got to see the fish and learned that if you spit, they will come to the water (shh…don’t tell Gwen)!

When we returned from our relaxing walk, we see that L has drawn a map of some sort, and the women are all gathered around talking about who knows what!  I’m sure L was babbling about the wedding and determining all kinds of things and making decisions that I have no interest in (shh).  That’s what she does best!

So we talk and have cheesecake which was delicious as well, and all hug each other and say our goodbyes.  5 hours passed by like lightning!  We got home at about 11pm and I couldn’t have been happier.  I got some of the best sleep of my life that night just knowing that my family was joining with another family that is so similar in values and mindset!

We all laughed hysterically for hours at each other and it honestly felt like it was meant to be.

I want to officially thank Mr. and Mrs. L for inviting us all and being gracious hosts, and if you want to cook me and L dinner anytime, I am always down!  To my mom, brother, and sister, thanks for fighting the heat, your urge to possibly be a divaprincessbaby and stay home in the name of your summer cold (not naming any names!), and to fight a nap for 5 hours so that we could all share a blessed evening together.

I love you all and…I love my new family!!

Weekend Gameplan: Meet the L’s!

July 24, 2010


Opponent – Dinner tonight!

Objective Eat good food, have fun, begin the melting of two great families!

Key players to watch – My big fat mouth!

Key points to focus on – My family is great.  We laugh, we joke, we inspire, we tell stories, we support each other, and we just have a great time.  L’s family is great.  They do much of the same and more!  It shouldn’t be hard to find topics between all of our adventurous lives (especially mine).  It also shouldn’t be hard for me to just sit down, shut up, and not make a fool of myself or my family.  I have a tendency to freak out and say stuff.  I hope my big fat mouth can just laugh and eat.  Checkpoints don’t fail me now!

Plays to avoid – I should definitely avoid making fun of L.  It can only end poorly.  If we all get a kick out of it, she kicks my rear end later for embarrassing her in front of EVERYONE!  If I end up saying something mean (highly probable based on my previous track record) then my family will take her side and her family will be offended, and I will be stuck on a lonely island!  I should definitely avoid the wine.  Although that will be hard because I will be extremely nervous! I will just have to be smart about the whole thing!  Stay calm G!

Final pep talk – Two great families coming together is a wonderful thing.  Me and L both are excited, but I am nervous as well.  I know that I will calm down considerably when I see my brother. My best man!  My nephew Miles should bring some good entertainment too!  He’s amazingly unintentionally hilarious!  I think that we will all have a great time.  So just relax G!  I got this!  Can’t wait to eat whatever is for dinner!  The L’s always make GREAT food!  mmm!!! I’m excited!

Can’t wait to tell you guys about it on Monday!

No family feud but, Good answer!

July 23, 2010

I asked L yesterday(well two days ago now…sorry, meant to post this yesterday) what she would do if our (imaginary) son came home from football practice with a headache and wanted to quit after the first day of practice.

She said without hesitation, “I would tell him to go take a shower, feed him dinner, give him two aspirin, massage his shoulders, make him do his homework, tell him to suck it up , and send him to bed.

……exactly what I was thinking! How did she come u win that all without even thinking about it!?

“The coach wants you to quit after the first day, that‘s why its hard. They want to weed out the weak ones.”

I am still amazed at her answer and at how quickly she answered. Its like she has a natural motherly instinct.  Wow.

Coach L! SUCK IT UP!

She’s the boss, but I’m the coach!

July 21, 2010

So I haven’t done much …. of anything lately.  I have been addicted to this new XBox game that I got.  It’s called NCAA Football 11!!

If you knew me (yeah, I watched that ‘Challenge Day’ show last night), you’d know that I am I a football fanatic!!!  I don’t just love the game from a fan standpoint, I love the game from a coaching standpoint.  I played football from as young as I can remember, all the way up through when I was 13.  Probably 7 years?  My brothers all played (and Trey won a state championship), my dad coached us.  I worked for my college football team (and got two bowl rings) and I even coached a HS football team a few years ago.

Me and L went to a few Maryland games last year and before we even sat down before each game I would say “OK, today’s lesson is going to be on the safeties.“, then she would humor me with an “ok” and I would proceed to point out stuff that the safeties were doing (or more likely not doing with Maryland)!

Now that I have the NCAA game, after I score or make a decent play, I pause it, hit instant replay (during a commercial of whatever show she is watching on the other TV, of course), and I explain WHY the play was amazing!  She watches (semi-interested I’d like to believe) and then goes back to her show.  But I feel important for those 15 seconds!

It’s cool.  I know she doesn’t give two cupcakes (her favorite dessert) about me or my stupid game.  In fact, she banned me from playing it on Tuesday.  Instead we actually enjoyed each others company.  But the fact that she likes me enough to listen to the stupid football crap that I have to say makes me happy.

L, keep it up!  Don’t worry, you don’t have much longer to appease me and my stupid football knowledge. When Miles (my nephew) or our kids (don’t worry, none on the way!) get old enough, I’ll transfer all of my knowledge to them.  I’ll sit them down and say,

Watch the cornerback , if he stands to the inside of the wide receiver, then the wide receiver has to go outside of him.  This forces the quarterback to have to throw around the cornerback.  This is called an inside shade.  This also means that the cornerback gets to the use the sideline as a 12th defender, but he has to keep the receiver from going to the inside of him because he probably doesn’t have linebacker help, or there’s no safety or maybe a single safety over top.  This literally puts the cornerback on an island by himself….Kind of like when Mommy gets mad at me and won’t talk to me.  That’s an island no man wants to visit! Trust me

…or something like that….