My thank you letter, to you! *awww*

Well it’s been two months but this is goodbye.

……I’m just joking!

The fact that some of you just said “what? no way” to yourself is the reason why I’m writing this semi-post (don’t worry, I will write a real one after this!!).  I started this blog for fun, and because I was freaking out when I was about to get engaged and once I had just gotten engaged.  I didn’t know what to expect and I couldn’t find another site to tell me!.  So I decided that I’d write it out for others!  So they would know what to expect.

I thought I’d run out of material in like two weeks.  No way ho zay! L has stock piled my fingertips full of ammo (corny) and I can’t put my experiences and thoughts down fast enough!

But I really just want to say thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments and IMs and texts and giggles about my posts everyday.  When my DROID (it’s my cell phone ma’) goes off and I see that I have a comment on my website I stop whatever I’m doing (most likely nothing) and read it with a huge grin on my face.  If you are shy and not the commenting type, that’s ok!  Just continue to read and feel my pain/joy/excitement.  I hope you enjoy this little site as much as I do.

To L, thanks for putting up with click of my phone for an hour each night.  I’m sure cutting down your sleep from 10 hours to 9 makes it real hard to say goodbye to me in the morning, when I leave you in bed!  (end of bitterness and sarcasm)

Thanks again, and keep reading and keep commenting! And tell your friends!




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