I want a wedding dress too!

Hmm, something (unfair) I just realized.  Men don’t get the entire excitement that comes with a wedding.  A third of that experience is missing for us! (just hear me out women)

Outside of the eternal promise and the religious reasons (which are very important aspects), the third reason women dream about getting married is the dress.  There’s even that show about Kleinfeld’s in NYC where people come from all over to find their dress (L made me watch it once….ok, a million times!).

They find their dress and they ask “is this the one?!” or “say yes to the dress” and they cry and jump up and down and the mothers sits in the chair trying not to pass out from pride, and the father tries not to pass out from boredom (or the price).

Guys don’t get that.  We don’t go with our best man and hug it out and get teary eyed when we finally put on our rented tux.  This is not fair!  We get jipped!  We miss a third of the excitement of getting married!

This is why I am starting a new revolution!  MEN NEED THEIR WEDDING DRESS.

Dudes need to find something that we can get excited about, and that we can all share in the excitement of finding, nd having!  Actually,  I may have found the perfect item to compete with the wedding dress.

*angels singing and unicorns flying in V formation*

Here’s the plan.  Whatever price, the woman pays for the wedding dress, the man should be able to get an HDTV for the same price.  We need something that our friends see and say “omg! that is beautiful!  Look at that!  It’s perfect.”  Something that would make me cry when I first saw it.  There is only one thing with the power to make me do that, and that is a 52″ flat screen LCD 1080p HDTV (*Tim “the Toolman” Taylor grunt!*).

I can’t even imagine what my XBOX360 would look like on that thing!  Remember when your grandma would say “don’t sit so close to the TV, you’ll go blind“?  Well I want a big enough and bright enough TV that there is no such thing as a safe distance. I want people to feel that when they are in front of my TV, they are risking their lives to enjoy this moment!

I want my HDTV to be an experience for all!   I want to make people jealous that they can’t wear my TV.  Ladies, trust me.  Once your boyfriend sees my future HDTV, they’ll be falling to their knees, begging to get married!


2 Responses to I want a wedding dress too!

  1. Gwen says:

    This was the first blog title that made me scared for a minute! But, I laughed after I found out what you really wanted! I love it and since I am already married and don’t have to deal with it – I THINK IT IS A GREAT IDEA! They should be put on bridal web sites and have their own magazine! Go G!

  2. fizzgig says:

    but we are jealous that you only have to pay $70 bucks for a rental, while we have to pay 300 for even a bridesmaid dress. Or thousands for a wedding gown.

    put that tv on your wedding registry! we got one for the girl at work, as a group gift! you never know!

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