My big fat mouth….and Invitations

Saturday we woke up early. I made sure of this because USA played at 2:30 and I was not about to miss this game after missing the first three pretty much (I saw the replay of the first game in a hotel in Cali)

We got in the car and L pulled up her GPS (I shoulda vetoed that move already). We headed to VA to go to T’s best friends shop in Leesburg called Perfect Pair.

So we walk up to the door and the first thing I see is this towel wrap coverup thing with a monogrammed “UVA” on it.  I am already feeling like an outsider.  I suddenly don’t feel like me and this store are going to get along.

But, facing sever punishment if I back out now, I continue into the store and see….stuff.  Now, I’m sure this …stuff… is all very interesting to women.  I mean, actually quite a few people walked in and looked around and bought some stuff while we were there.  I just have no clue what there is to buy in there.  It all just looks like…stuff.

But somehow amongst all the…stuff, L manages to find the invitations book (Well one of them at least).  It’s about 6 inches thick, and looks like my mom’s photo albums.  FUN!

She cracks it open and starts flipping through the pages.  I stare off into the distance and notice one of the ….stuff inside the store has my name on it!  COOL! I debate for three minutes whether to go around this counter thing and check out to see what the …stuff …is.  Eventually, I admit to myself that I am intimidated by the vast number of unkown …stuff in between me and my named object, so I stay put.

Then the store owner (the friend of the friend) Sally comes out!  She is awesome! Sshe shows us what to do and asks us ALL the right questions.  L and her converse about something (or nothing).  She mentions that I work with T, and I reluctantly admit it.  Then about 30 minutes into the looking-at-invitations process … I have a mental meltdown.

I don’t like the orange
Why not?
I dunno, it’s just too much
But it’s one of our colors pretty much

This is when I realized that I may have messed up (big time)

“Actually it looks fine, it looks good
No. It’s good, let’s go with it, what do we pick next….font?”

*pause* I start to panic, knowing that I just completely screwed up.

Now I don’t know if I like it
You were so sure about it like 5 minutes ago!
I know! Now I’m scared I won’t like it!

My big mouth has struck again!  I couldn’t just sit there and be quiet and be excited about whatever L was excited about.  I HAD to go and be opinionatedDANGIT!

When we left, we had built our whole invitation package and I thought it looked awesome.  I don’t know why I was doubting it at all.  Now, L was afraid and understandably so.  The invitations are a big deal I suppose….right?

Yeah, how about I learn to instill confidence and NOT foster doubt.


2 Responses to My big fat mouth….and Invitations

  1. fizzgig says:

    The invitations set the tone of the wedding…no pressure! lol

  2. Trey says:

    The truly important thing is that you got through it together! There are going to be so many things in your life as one, that might make you feel like two….but your communication gets you back to one and gives you the confidence and courage to move forward in the midst of any circumstance.

    Communication is a life time mission…ask me how I know! 🙂 Keep on truckin’…you and L are headed in the right direction!

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