Hairy situation!

I have learned something about living with a girl. There are some forces that are stronger than I. Some battles that are not worth fighting. I have found one.

Her hair!

Its everywhere. Its attached to my clothes. its stuck in my watch. Its under my contact case, its in the sink, the bathtub, the toothbrush holder, my pants pocket! L’s hair is everywhere it never was!

Now I know that its not her fault (and I wouldn’t dare blame it on her), but its an issue. Not a big one, but still…

I know for a fact that it will only get worse. Up until now she only spent the weekends here but now that her teaching gig is up for the summer, guess who is around more?

It’s good though.  She has introduced me to this thing I used to eat when I lived with my mom!  It’s called vegetables!

Maybe I should start making her wear a hairnet like those old ladies in the lunch room!


2 Responses to Hairy situation!

  1. fizzgig says:

    you know, this is in retalitation to the tiny hairs men leave all over when they shave. =)

  2. Kate says:

    HAHA! Yes- you should make her wear a hairnet! I can picture it already. Cute blog, best of luck planning everything!
    ~kate (friend of L)

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