Stressy McStressederton

So I think its safe to say that me and L have a lot on our plate right now.

I for one am very much not looking forward to the next few months (well kinda I am). Summer is supposed to be a time to relax right? Not for parents and those aiming to become newlyweds. Only empty nesters, childless couples, and all of you friends still living the single (wish I were still in college) good life are enjoying their stinkin’ summers.

Here’s a short list of what is on me and L’s plate in the immediate future.
* Grad school (I need to seriously catch up on schoolwork)
* Work ( I have barely been there for three weeks)
* Meet with wedding planner at some point
* Meet with invitations person (finally got L to realize we can’t do these ourselves)
* Pick a honeymoon location and plan our honeymoon (somewhere delicious!)
* Pack up and move states (Ugh! So bittersweet)
* Put L’s name on everything that I own (car insurance, renters insurance, bank accounts [still debating about this one])
* L has to go to coaching clinics because she was named head VB coach at her HS! (Congrats boo)
* Tastings(yum), fittings, tryouts and auditions for whatever else there is that we have to take care of for the wedding.
* Fantasy football
* College football (Go Terps!)
* Capitals fall training (walking distance from our new apartment!)
* L’s volleyball season
* Metroing an hour to and from work each day.

Women call this venting!  Dudes just call this complaining.  The difference between men and women though, is I know it won’t be a big deal in the end.  And that’s why I am going to go take a nap.


2 Responses to Stressy McStressederton

  1. fizzgig says:

    tastings for the wedding should be numero uno dos, and tres.


    i just miss carbs. I’m having a meltdown. You’re a busy bee! try to take some time to smell the roses!

  2. That’s why my husband and I got married at City Hall and kept our own names, bank accounts, credit accounts, etc.

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