Mile ‘Hi’ club

hello there from 30,000 feet!

So, L booked the flights. Therefore I am taking all opportunities to complain about the flights (its my right!).

We stopped over in Chicago, en route to San Francisco (treat *ding*). First off, we are flying Southwest airlines and I was miserable at first.

I missed the USA world cup game (that’s why I payed ten bux yesterday so I could watch it on the plane from my phone! Fail). Secondly, there aren’t any plugs for me to charge my phone or laptop (fail). Thirdly, we pretty much had to bullrush the plane to get seats together.

So I sat down and asked L if all of our flights were Southwest (we are going to visit friends in Arizona after the wedding in Cali this weekend). She said yes. I fingershot myself in the temple.

I think, I may just be spoiled though. When I was with my college football team, we flew chartered flights to almost all games. We also had meals on flight. TVs were a staple, as well as hot flight attendants (before I met L, so I am safe with that comment).

The last time I flew commercially it was on jet blue! And it wasn’t fathers day weekend. But they have TVs in the headrests, plenty of leg room, and you can choose your own seat! (Aka, mid-air heaven!)

I am excited to spend the week with my future, but hopefully I can do the future flight planning. 🙂 L does a great job at planning my life (hence why I risked patellar tendonitis to ask her to marry me), but hopefully this blog post will convince her to hand over the flight planning duties to yours truly.

Consider this my future flight planning proposal.


One Response to Mile ‘Hi’ club

  1. fizzgig says:

    im partial to air tran. only because ive only ever flown with them and ive arrived safely every time.

    that seems to be a good enough reason for me.

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